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Review: ES 5 Pairs Handmade Brown Luxuriant Upper And Lower Eyelashes [ES-A511]

Today i'll review a false eyelashes from KKCenterHk agains . If you're an avid reader of fashion and beauty blogs, you may have heard of KKCenterHK. KKCenterHk is an online retail, a company based out of Hong Kong that sells false lashes, nail products, makeup, and wigs. It's a very popular site to purchase false lashes from because you can buy a large quantity at a low price.

5 Pairs in one pack, 3 pairs upper eyelashes and 2 pairs lower eyelashes
Brown lashes and thin transparent stem

Photobucket Can Be Re-use If You Take Them Off Carefully
Photobucket Make Your Eyes Look Bigger And Attractive
Photobucket handmade eyelashes are very soft
Photobucket Suitable For Everyone
Photobucket Can Be Used Party Or Professional Make Up

Upper Eyelash :
Head length : 1cm / 10mm
Mid length : 1.4cm / 14mm
End  length : 1.3cm / 13mm

Lower Eyelash :
Head length : 0.4cm / 4mm
Mid length : 0.4cm / 4mm
End  length : 0.4cm / 4mm

They pattern is simple and it doesn't look fake. I love the brown color in these  falshes too.

 Here I am wearing #ES-A511

Pros :
Photobucket Easy to use
Photobucket High quality
Photobucket The bands are thin and very flexible, so they adapt well to the shape of your eyes and they feel comfortable after several hours of wear.
Photobucket They were very light-weight. I did not felt any heaviness or discomfort on my eyes.
Photobucket cheap
Photobucket  Make eyes look bigger

Cons :
Photobucket Set doesn’t come with lash glue


website: http://www.kkcenterhk.com
Blog: http://kkcenterhk.blogspot.com/
Tumblr: http://kkcenterhk.tumblr.com/
Facebook: KKCenterHK

1 comment:

  1. I really like the way these lashes make your eyes look! They look very cute and bubbly and the way they curve out at the ends makes them seem cute without being too over the top!



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