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Review: Canmake Perfect Stylist Eyes #03 Happy Coral

With just this one palette, you can create both natural-looking make-up that's perfect for school or work, and a more glamorous look ideal for going out!Offering the ultimate in everyday versatility, this new eyeshadow palette is something you'll definitely want to grab .This moist powder feels great on your skin, achieving a highly-pigmented true-color finish. A moist powder formulation, containing squalane(moisturizing ingredient or agent).

Available in 7 new colors
color image
[02] Baby Beige☆
A natural shade that melts into your skin. With this, he'll get lost in the eyes of a beauty♪
color image
[03] Happy Coral☆
An adorable shade with a happy aura.For stylish, sophisticatedly pretty eyes ♪
color image
[04] Lady Beige☆
A subdued color with a certain gentleness. For sophisticated, feminine eyes.
color image
[05] Pinky Chocolat☆
A quintet of pink and brown shadesthat's No.1 for ease of use. For cute eyes that enhance your feminine power★
color image
[06] Gelato Mint☆
An adorably refreshing color. For fresh, clear, translucent eyes ♥
color image
[07] Gateau Framboise☆
A glamorously cute, vivid set of shades. For stylish eyes that don't look too sweet ♥
color image
[08] Mermaid Blue☆
A cool, translucent set of shades. For soft, yet meltingly moist eyes ♥

The packaging is very pretty with a princess design and the compact transparent packaging it's sturdy enough so I'm not complaining. I really love the brand and Canmake has some amazing products but they don't sale in my country. I purchase they when i'm going to Singapore. Personally, When I was choosing on one palette to purchase, I initially could not differentiate the 5 palettes. All of them looked roughly the same After scrutinising, I realised the biggest difference among all the palettes came from the top right shade.

Brush  :
It comes with a two-end applicator and unlike other free applicators, these are pretty good. One end is a brush, best for the dark brown shade which acts as an eyeliner. And an eyeshadow sponge applicator for the lighter shades.

Colour :
It looked pretty and natural I love how it comes with all the shades I use on a daily basis. You've got a cream colored base, two shimmery shades one of which is a champagne color and the other rose. It also has a dark brown which states on the packaging is supposed to be the liner. And it has a glitter shade, marked "Jewel Topping"

Swatches on the back of my hand . All of the colors in this palette are shimmery.

Pigmentation :
Have a average pigmentations.  Need more touch before you can actually see the colour on your eyelids and This still needs a good eye makeup primer to stay longer

Lasting Power :
I think CANMAKE Perfect Stylist Eyes eyeshadows didn't do very well in terms of longevity. 

How to use?

*Just a thought.. I don't know why the colors don't look as nice as in person! How do beauty bloggers take photos of eyeshadow swatches anyway *

I use the sponge-tip applicator to apply the eyeshadows. Then after application, I will brush away the loose powder and start on my face makeup.

Pros :
Photobucket Lightweight packaging with mirror
Photobucket Have a natural shades for daily use
Photobucket Comes with great quality brush
Photobucket Easy to blend
Photobucket Fine texture

Cons :
Photobucket Hard to get in my country
Photobucket This palette is definitely not for those who prefer matte shades and for those with sensitive eyes. Because the shimmery will fall into your eyes no matter how little you apply. I don't like the shimmers!
Photobucket Average pigmentation
Photobucket Average staying power



  1. tanpa poni jadi beda jul :D
    keliatan dewasa lho hihi

    1. Hooh heheheh xP
      Ini makeup ny jg lebi simple drpd biasa say x3

  2. Replies
    1. Hahahha ga biasa ngeliatnya y :p
      thanks for your comment XD

  3. Terlalu misty di matakuuuu... Mungkin karena aku gelap kali yah...
    It looks perfect on you...


  4. Eyeshadownya cute… km jg cute bgt


  5. I am European and in my collection is 06, 09 and 12.... still waiting for 03, 05, 13, 07 and 08 ( a lot I know )

    Compare to ordinary products from my nation pigmentation is almost invisible but so soft and natural looking that every palette is for everyday use.


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