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Etude House - I Need You, Elder Flower! Mask Review

E (Elder Flower) - Soothing & Moisturizing
This mask sheet contains Elder Flower extract (Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract), known to be used in Europe's folk remedies, soothing and moisturizing irritated skin from the environment or stress, delivering comfortable and smooth skin.

E stands for Elder Flower and it instantly refreshed my skin after a tiring day. It is good in soothing the skin, recommend to be used after a weekly face exfoliation process such as using face scrub.  A good way to keep your skin young and boost up your skin regeneration level by using this mask frequently. Slapping a mask on, twice or thrice a week really helps to keep the skin more moisturized. The masks are not too thick, and comes packed with sufficient essence to rejuvenate your skin. It doesn't drip excessively on you too, which is really good because if I am lying down, I don't want it to drip all over my bed.

Here's a brief overview of the other masks :

A • Aloe - Soothing Relief
B • Bulgarian Rose - Brightening
C • Collagen - Firming
D • Dandelion - Revitalizing
E • Elder Flower - Soothing & Moisturizing
F • Fig - Purifying
G • Green Tea - Moisturizing, Relief
H • Hyaluronic Acid - Richy Moisturizing
I • Immortelle - Energizing & Nourishing
J • Job's Tears - Revitalizing & Soothing
K • Korean Ginseng - Revitalizing & Nourishing
L • Lemon - Tone Clarifying
M • Mango - Nourishing & Firming
N • Noni - Revitalizing
O • Olive - Deep Moisture
P • Pomegranate - Smooth Elasticity
Q • Q10 Coenzyme - Tightening & Firming
R • Royal Jelly - Smooth Hydration
S • Shea Butter - Richy Nourishing
T • Tea Tree - Trouble Care
U • Unpolished Rice - Firming & Nourishing
V • Vitamin Complex - Radiating Skin
W • White Pearl - Bright Complexion
X • Xylitol Forest - Clean Moisture
Y • Yogurt Strawberry - Soft & Moist
Z • Zucchini - Nourishing & Moisturizing
♥ Heart ♥ 5 Berry Complex - Antioxidant

How To Use
After cleansing & toning, attach the mask on the face and detach it 15-20 minutes later. Pat your face and let the residual content be absorbed naturally.

Pros :
Photobucket Affordable. Price: Rp. 28.000,- (IDR)
Photobucket Available locally at Etude House Indonesia stores.
Photobucket Scent is acceptable, not overwhelming with fragrance.
Photobucket It gave refreshing feelings to your face skin at the moment you applied it.
Photobucket doesn't drip excessively

Cons :



  1. Semenjak menang giveaway dari kamu, aku jadi pecandu mask sheet <3
    Sayangnya via offline di sini nggak ada. Musti beli online dulu. </3

    Btw, nice review :))

    1. Ini uda ada kok di counter etude house say :) justru aku beli dr counternya

  2. Using it rit now n loved it (I actually love all of etude house products lol.)U liked snsd, too


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