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Canmake Cheek Gradation 06 #Candy Sripe

Top to bottom :
Photobucket Bright tropical orange, scatter shimmer, medium intensity. Applies luminous and is much brighter and more vividly orange.
It has  a vivid orange colour highlighter. it's very very sweet and gives such a lovely glow on the cheeks. one of my most loved blusher.

Photobucket Bright hot pink, scatter shimmer, medium intensity. Applies luminous.
The colour is more mature and looks good if you want to be seen kawaii doll.

Photobucket Princess pink, fine shimmer, low intensity. Applies with just a touch more shimmer than the top 2 colors.
The color very sweet and dolly like. It's Great for casual outings or dates. Because the colour looks natural.

Photobucket Chalk white, shimmer, low intensity. This is the most shimmery and opaque..

I bought the Canmake Cheek & Highlight on Miaw Lens Shop.  I chose shade 06 ( Candy Stripes ) because it has gorgeous orange color .

I swipe my brush only once then dabbing the blush into my cheek. The resulting color makes my cheeks still end up way too red and the color had to be wiped off a bit using tissue. Because it is such an intense color I don't really dare to add it to recommended places like my nose, because I fear I will just end up having a weirdly shining nose , so I just either add a bit above my cheeks, and highlighter for my chin.

Pros :
Photobucket Have a cute color so if you want to be seen kawaii doll.  I would definately recommend this.
Photobucket The packaging kind of small so it is easy to carry around. Just becareful not to shatter it.

Cons :
Photobucket Hard to find in my country.
Photobucket I don't like the simmers, I found it a bit too simmery for my likes. But powder is quite fine and comes with a brush. It's a pretty colour with a light colour highlight.
Photobucket Packaging: No Interesting, It comes only in a simple transparent case and also with a small blush brush. I wish the packing was more interesting .



  1. Aw the shades are so cute !

  2. cute palette! :))


  3. Hard tofind in Italy too :( But looks nice on you.Can you tell me which app or program do you use for pics? I like it!!! Eli

  4. pretty products dear
    happy day

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