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Dariya PALTY Hair Bleach Super Flash Sparkling Blonde

( Palty Mecha Flash review- Super Flash )

Dariya Palty Hair Bleach Super Flash Sparkling Blonde is an advanced, innovative hair bleach/coloring product which gives you glossy, shiny and outstanding results! It contains several moisturizing ingredients, for softening dry hair. Simple to apply.  Palty's instructions recommend that you do not colour your hair after bleaching--but rather, to wait a week.

( Palty Mecha Flash review- Super Flash ) 
Back side of the box. It shows you the end result on different hair colour.

Kit contains:
Photobucket No.1 Hair Color Cream 40g (tube)
Photobucket No.2 Color Water 80ml
Photobucket Powder
Photobucket Hair Treatment Pack 5ml
Photobucket Brush type nozzle
Photobucket plastic Gloves 1 pair
Photobucket instruction  (no English)


 Step 1

First of all, Wear your plastic gloves now, Open the lid and pour Bleach Powder in bottle. Secure the lid back to its place and shake. The instructions told you to shake about 60-80 times or around 30 seconds.

Step 2

Try to get all of the paste out.  After you get all pasta into the plastic bottle, it’s time for shake again.  Shake about 30 seconds in an up-down motion. Replace the screw lid on the plastic bottle with the comb applicator.


wat de .......HELL ! I Know my hair look so weird .


I applied it once for 40 minutes and my hair becomes orange

I bought it from Neko Shoppa

Overall: 4/5: I wish the bleach actually contained more of it. and You can't really go blonde with Palty bleach.  If you're dark-haired and want to go blonde, you may want to use a more hard-core bleach multiple times.

Hope you enjoyed the review

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  1. Love the transition of colors! Is it Japanese wy of saying Party??lol ;)
    TiTi's Corner!

  2. I tried this when I lived in Japan and I think it was very strroong bleach :D It made my hair literally white :D But I guess it's meant for darker hair and looks fine on you :)) It's better for your hair to bleach 2 times within few weeks than have one supa dupa strong bleach.
    x, Lara

  3. Wow~ This is so pretty! >u<
    I've been wanting to dye my hair with Palty so many times before, but I think I'll just stick to my natural hair color for now. *A*
    Thanks for the review!

  4. thanks for the review ^_^ planning to buy one soon, I really want to bleach my hair again hahaha

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