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PALTY Mecha Flash Bleach in Sparkling Blonde

Palty Mecha Flash Bleach in Sparkling Blonde 
country of origin: Japan.

Hello my kawaii readers image. How's life? Sorry but I've just got the chance to write something today. I had to stay at my aunt's house due to the floods and blackouts in Jakarta these days. Okay anyway... I should start talking about a today's product review is about the Palty Mecha Flash Hair Bleach.

Sorry, Please don't ask me about how to do it , because it's my friend who helped me bleaching my hair, starting from mixing the ingredients 'til applying it to my hair. hahaha I owe her a lot for this.

Each box has:
Photobucket Oxide water ( in bottle ).
Photobucket Bleach powder.
Photobucket Bleach cream.
Photobucket Tsubaki oil.
Photobucket Comb tube.
Photobucket Shower cap.
Photobucket Guide leaflet.
Photobucket A pair of plastic gloves.
 my hair colour is natural black.

Here are some photos of the result

From black, it became some kind of an orange tone. I left it in my hair covered with the shower cap for about 40 minutes and rinse it after, applied treatment cream and lastly, the tsubaki oil.  I didn’t do that to my whole head LOL Well my mom said " This better than before ", but I wanted a lighter blonde w(O__O w). Looks like I need to go to a hair salon to get that bleached blonde hair .

the color was orange tone.

Pros :21: :
Photobucket Lighten my hair.
Photobucket Can do it at home.
Photobucket Not bad end result. 
Photobucket Doesn’t cause any excessive hair fall.
Photobucket CHEAPER than do it at Salon
Photobucket Nice packaging. It contains everything you need.
Photobucket The ammonia smell isn't so strong than salon product, But please do this in a well ventilated place. 
Photobucket Seriously, it doesn't hurt as much as bleaching at the salon.

Cons :22: :
Photobucket Not easy to do it by yourself. Big thanks for my friend to help me .
Photobucket Too little *slapped*
Photobucket I had to but it from an Online Shop or you can just ask your friend who goes to Singapore.


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