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Dolly Wink Eyelash Dolly Sweet No. 1

Here’s a quick review of Dolly Wink Dolly Sweet No. 1 false eyelashes.


Koji Dolly Wink Eyelash No.1 Dolly Sweet is fake lashes that emphasize naturally dark eyes from the corner of the eye to the middle of the upper eyelid line. The fake lashes increase volume and extends lengths at the end of the upper eyelid line. It presents a charming 3-D eye make-up. It can be used repeatedly.

Photobucket Take the fake eyelashes out of the packaging gently with a pair of tweezers.
Photobucket Trim the fake eyelashes to suit the size of your eyes before you wear it on.
Photobucket Pick up the fake lashes with tweezers and add glue to the base of the lashes.
Photobucket Let the glue dry until it turns tacky. Place the fake eyelashes along your real lash line, so that they become part of your own eyelashes.
Photobucket Press gently on the center first and then go towards the sides until the fake lashes are smoothly placed.

Price: Rp. 198.000,00 ( IDR ).

The Dolly Wink series are perhaps most known for their false lashes. These lashes are designed by the popular Popsister model, Tsubasa Masuwaka and Dolly Sweet #1 claim to be: “Natural looking from the inner corner of eye to the center, and thick volume from the center to the outer corner of eye. Makes your eyes cute droopy dolly eyes.”
I really like the packaging of the Dolly Wink eyelashes . But their latest packaging had changed and look simple though. One package only comes with 2 sets of upper lashes and one tiny cute pink polka dots eyelash glue. At the first glance, you'll find the lashes are so length.  The lashes does look very long and a bit dramatic from near. But it does look really natural.

And this is how it actually look on my eyes . * edit > lens *

I couldn’t even tell why i really love this product. because i have many reasons .  I was wearing them since they were so comfortable. They are extremely easy to applied on my eyes and These lashes are so light. I also bought Dolly Wink No. 6 Baby Cute. HAHA I’ve been so obsessed with Dolly Wink lashes ! I’ll be sure to put up a review Dolly Wink no. 6 within a few days.

Pros :21: :
Photobucket Cute packaging.
Photobucket My eyes became twice bigger.  It look really pretty in photos.
Photobucket Very natural and Easy to apply.
Photobucket The lashes are so thick yet soft
Photobucket Dollywink lashes that feels very comfy like wearing nothing at all.
Photobucket The lashes definitely works very well for gyaru style because they emphasize towards the outer corner of the eyes.

Cons :22: :
Photobucket nothing. hmmm but i'm prefer love Dolly Wink no. 2 Sweet Girly. #No.2 it really did make you look like a doll.


You can purchase Dolly Wink lashes from: Kay Collection

Where to find Kay Collection?
1. Independent store:
Pacific Place B1 #10A.
 Tel: 021-57973827
Gandaria City LG #15.
  Tel: 021-29052956
Kuningan City Lt.3 #45. Tel: 021-30056156

Small shop near Foodhall Plaza Senayan (besides Aneka Citra Snack)

2. Department store:
SOGO (all except PS), Seibu, Debenhams, Metro (PIM), STAR, Keris

Galery, Matahari (TA & Ciputra, TP3), Sarinah, Lotus Thamrin & Golden Truly

3. Selected Guardian
4. Official online shop reseller:
Perfect Beauty Shop
Fimela Shop www.fimelashop.com
5. Like us on Facebook:
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  3. you look adorable. so pretty.
    i always loved dolly wink products <3


  4. waahhh miharu hot banget ihihihi

  5. Huah, i was trying to buy one at CP when they're holding an event in the middle of the mall, but i'm scared to buy it..>.< which one is the best among all the dolly wink? :)
    and nice wig, nice lenses~ ♡


    1. hmm if you like looks natural , i recommend number 1, 10, 11 for upper lashes and number 5 for lower lashes :)

  6. the circle lenses stand out even more with the lashes, so gorgeous! ♥


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  8. love your make-up, that's so cute:3

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  10. ohh it is so pretty!
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    if i had easy access to dolly wink, i swear i'd go broke! hehe!

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