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Cosplay Yuuki Cross-Vampire Knight

The Vampire Knight manga series and its Anime adaption features a relatively small cast of characters created by Matsuri Hino. The series takes place in an alternative future of earth where global warming occurred ten thousand years ago giving rise to immortal vampires and dramatically reducing the number of humans. Their opponents, the vampire hunters were born of a necessity for humans to defend themselves against the vampires who were turning their kind into their slave army. In spite of being set in future earth, it features a mixture of contemporary and old fashioned technology. The primary character of the series is Yuki Cross, a naive but energetic human, who is the introductory narrator, she is supported by childhood friend and vampire hunter Zero Kiryu and her crush Kaname Kuran. 

Yuki Cross/Yuki Kuran (黒主 優姫/玖蘭 優姫 Kurosu Yūki/Kuran Yūki) is the main protagonist of the series. She is initially portrayed as a Human but is later revealed to be a daughter of the Kuran family, one of the remaining seven Pureblood families. When her brother and fiancé, Kaname Kuran goes 'mad', she becomes the acting Head of the Vampire Society.

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Yuki is a short, yet slender teenage girl with red-brown eyes and short dark brown hair. She wears the trademark black uniform of the Day Class, additionally with a white armband carrying the mark of a red rose. Additionally, under her skirt, attached to her left thigh, Yuki carries her weapon, Artemis Rod.
Upon her reawakening as a Pureblood vampire, Yuki's hair grows over twice as long as it originally was, now reaching her waist. In addition, she develops a more mature and serious, reminiscent of her mother Juri Kuran, though she maintains a kind gaze apparently similar to that of her father's. Yuki's body, although still petite, also becomes more perfectly proportioned.After a year, she grows considerably taller, now reaching up to Zero's shoulder.
As a young child, Yuki's hair was quite long, reaching her mid-back.

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Yuki is generally a cheerful and comedic girl. She is considered a poor student because she dislikes studying and falls asleep in class due to the fact that she stays up all night monitoring the school grounds and Night Class students. She exhibits a strong attachment to her close friends, especially Sayori and Zero. Her indecisive nature and reticence can be attributed to her insecurity regarding her missing history. As a human, she has been seen as loving vampires but deep in her heart she feared all vampires (because of a vampire that attacked her when she was little) except for Kaname Kuran.

Because of this fear she rarely left the Cross Academy grounds on her own. Yuki doesn't like to reveal her fears and disguises it with a smile over her face. But Zero, having grown up with her for four years, is always able to tell when something is bothering her, making it hard for her to hide things from him and vice versa.
Following her reawakening as a Pureblood vampire, Yuki shed the fears she once retained. When a situation asks, she can put in an authoritative face as is expected of a Pureblood Princess. As a result, she has grown more emotionally mature and thoughtful. Yuki's overwhelming fault is the tendency to burden herself with guilt over her ignorance when she learns of other people's sufferings that they have kept secret.
Yuki's favorite subject is Physical Education and her favorite food is ginger pork stir fry set, as well as parfaits.

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Yuki was five years old when Rido Kuran attacked the Kuran Family household seeking to take her away. In order to protect her, Juri sacrificed herself to seal Yuki's vampire side and erased her daughter's memory. Yuki's first memory is that of Kaname saving her from a Level E Vampire who tried to devour her blood while alone on a snowy day.She grew up as a human in the care of Kaien Cross, who also adopted her. Despite no longer remembering Kaname as her brother, he remained an important person in Yuki's life, becoming her much beloved savior whose visits she always looks forward to, eventually leading the teenage Yuki to develop intimate feelings for him.

Despite having her memories sealed, as a child Yuki experienced constant nightmares, a problem which continued nightly until Zero Kiryu joined the Cross household. As a result, Yuki formed a strong attachment to him. She found comfort in helping Zero with his personal nightmares and unofficially appointed herself as his guardian, entering his room nightly to make sure he slept soundly, and constantly worrying about his well being. Shortly after Zero's arrival, another change occurred between Yuki and Kaname's relationship. The closeness they once shared was lost after she witnessed Kaname feeding on a vampire classmate Ruka, an act which both frightened Yuki and reminded her of the difference between humans and vampires. Now keenly aware of the futility of her feelings,Yuki chose to distance herself from Kaname. Still, her admiration and longing for him remained. Furthermore as she grows and matures, Yuki has to confront the secrets of the Purebloods (including Kaname) and her existence. It is noticeable that she looks exactly like her mother but has been implied to have the tenderness of her father.


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