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Palty Macaron Brown Review

I honestly just got tired of my pink hair color and decided to look for other Palty colors in the new series of Palty! I always have a hard time getting my hair to be a nice colour and my roots is growing out terribly , the only thing I'm afraid of is that my roots will not match my new colour, but surprisingly the color did come out pretty good. 

Very clear and detailed picture even I doesn't know any Japanese at all The foam hair color like by Palty is rather new, only available since 2011. It currently comes in 12 different shades.  

So opening the box here are the items that Palty foam new hair dye provides. Each of Palty Bubble Hair Foam Pack contains:
Photobucket 75ml of "hair water" (= activator) in a small bottle
Photobucket 75ml of "hair cream (= hair color) in a tube
Photobucket A ridiculous tiny amount of hair treatment 
Photobucket A cup to mix the color in
Photobucket A scraper with holes 
Photobucket A pair of gloves

The application of the Palty Bubble Hair Foam Pack is fairly easy :
 Put the cup into the back of the packing 
 Add the hair water (activator) and hair cream (hairdye) into the cup
 Mix everything together and stir it for around 20-40 times. 
 While I let the foam on my head for 30 minutes. The Palty Foam started to sink in right away. After completely 30 minutes, you can hair washes.

This dye does a nice job of making it lighter and turn my hair to a lighter brown color and shinier . It is also nice because this dye doesn't have a strong smell which is a problem I have with american dyes and pretty easy to use. 

I was actually quite content with the result . As you can see best in the artificial light picture, the Palty Foam Pack in Macaron Brown managed to take away some of the ugly yellow, just as I had hoped for. Of course i recommend you to bleach your hair beforehand if you want a nice shade like mine rather than dying it with your dark hair . The price is reasonable for a product like Palty. I was satisfied with the Palty hair dye more than the other hair dyes i have used on my hair. So i really recommend palty to you! 

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