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Cosplay K-on

K-On! (けいおん!, Keion!?) is a Japanese four-panel comic strip manga written and illustrated by Kakifly. The manga was serialized in Houbunsha's seinen manga magazine Manga Time Kirara between the May 2007 and October 2010 issues. It was also serialized in Houbunsha's magazine Manga Time Kirara Carat. The manga relaunched in April 2011 with two separate storylines published in Manga Time Kirara and Manga Time Kirara Carat. A 13-episode anime adaptation produced by Kyoto Animation aired in Japan between April and June 2009. An additional original video animation (OVA) episode was released in January 2010. A 26-episode second season, titled K-On!! (with two exclamation marks), aired in Japan between April and September 2010, with an OVA episode released in March 2011. An anime film adaptation has been announced and will be released in Japan on December 3, 2011. The title of the series comes from the Japanese word for light music, keiongaku (軽音楽?), but in the Japanese context is similar to pop music.

K-On!'s story revolves around four Japanese high school girls who join Sakuragaoka Girl's High School's light music club to try to save it from being disbanded. However, they are the only members of the club, and at first Yui Hirasawa, the main character, has no experience playing musical instruments or reading sheet music. Eventually, she learns how to be an excellent guitar player. Since then, Yui, bassist Mio Akiyama, drummer Ritsu Tainaka, and keyboardist Tsumugi Kotobuki spend their school days practicing, performing, or just hanging out together. The club is overseen by music teacher Sawako Yamanaka, who eventually becomes their homeroom teacher as well during their final year of high school. In their second year of high school, the club welcomes another guitarist, an underclassman named Azusa Nakano. After Azusa joins, they gain more structure and begin to practice more.

Characters :face35:

Yui Hirasawa (平沢 唯, Hirasawa Yui)
Mitsuki a.s : Yui

Ritsu Tainaka (田井中 律, Tainaka Ritsu)
Sasuke a.s : Ritsu

Mio Akiyama (秋山 澪, Akiyama Mio)
Nia a.s: Mio Akiyama

Tsumugi Kotobuki (琴吹 紬, Kotobuki Tsumugi)
Jane a.s : Tsumugi

Azusa Nakano (中野 梓, Nakano Azusa)
And Last, me a.s: Azusa Nakano


All picture credits by: "ReyNathanael Photography"

Otsukare minna-san

My friend jane a.s Mugi look very cute here :face9::face9:



  1. love the picturesss~~~
    i want to do this cosplay too, but to lazy to make the costume @-@

  2. luv the pink polkas on your background~ and azunyan is super cute...heheh.. dun forget to join my etude house giveaway later ok~

  3. HI Love~ Thx for visiting my blog ^^ I”m following u back ~ ( although I actually didn’t c u in my list.. am i wrong ?! ^^”)

    but yeah ur blog is cute~ & this girl rock band thing looks cool too~ I haven’t watch anime forever though~ so I really dunno anything about this =P

    xoxo Hitomineko xoxo
    *hosting giveaway*

  4. waa, niat banget! tapi bagus kok :D

  5. ♥ cominica > thanks comi >.<
    waa~ kenapa gak beli/ jahit sama costume maker cosplay aja ? XD
    ♥ lina > ok chingu >3
    ♥ hitomi > thanks for following back me :)
    really ? i already follow you.. check again XD
    ♥ indi > thanks for the comment :D

  6. I absolutely love these pictures! You all look amazing! Perhaps you'd like to follow each other! Check out my blog and let me know :)



  7. omg K-ON is such a cute anime, and you guys all look great!

  8. thanks 4 following me^^
    u blog is supa cute!
    i love k-on to!they are so adorable^^!

  9. Oh i love your blog! And this is good post ^^ I love Mio and Mugi (^-^)~

  10. omg that is so proooo! my cosplay of azusa sucks big time compared to this, it was so last minute xD your photos are amazing!!!


  11. K-ON! *-* I love this anime..


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