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Yowane Haku Sandplay

Haku Yowane (弱音ハク Yowane Haku) is an officially recognized derivative. Her name is taken from Yowane, meaning negative sayings/thoughts and Haku, roughly translated as utter. Her first name and last name make a play on words "yowane-(wo)-haku" (弱音(を)吐く), meaning to say negative thoughts or to show white feather. Her white hair is from ハク, which has the same pronunciation with 白 (white).


Haku was originally made as a representation of songs that use Hatsune Miku but ended up sounding awful. In such cases, the makers of that music would then proceed to whine about how their work never received attention and later moved on to whine when criticism stated their work as dull and boring, or was posted quite late when few people were on Nico Nico Douga. She became popular and her creator Caffein later established other characters following the same procedures, each representing a slightly different aspect of failure within the Vocaloids. 

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Cosplay : Yowane Haku
Vocaloid Singing Of Sandplay Dragon
Formula : Camdig Sonny and photoscape for efect

Cosplay Yowane Haku Sandplay

cosplay yowane haku sandplay

in this photo is : ME!! Miharu
From : Indonesia
*bila ada yang mengaku foto ini adalah orang lain
itu jelas adalah Faker *


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