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Missha x Line Friends Tension Blusher Review

Review Missha X Line Friends Tension Blusher

Today I want to review Missha Tension Blusher, which is a collaboration with Line FriendsMissha’s Line Friends Collaboration utilises the two characters Brown (the bear) and Sally (the duck) and have been a huge hit with consumers.

Missha x Line Friends Tension Blusher

The Line Friends Edition Missha Tension Blusher is available in 6 different shades and I got the PK-02 number which is the peach shades. It’s perfect for my skin tone 

missha tension pact cushion

Packaging Missha Tension Cushion 
The packaging is super cute with a little compact like a cushion. If you like the Cushion Blusher, but it’s out of your price range, you must try these products. You also have a mini air puff to apply it with, or you can use your fingers 

missha line friends tension blusher

Missha x Line Friends Tension Blusher Review

missha blusher review

Formula Missha Tension Pact Cushion 
This product is soft, blendable, and  watery consistency. but the colour comes off much paler than it looks in the pan. It looks bright and sweet, yet very natural. I don't have to worry about applying too heavy of a hand because I can blend it out easily. 

missha tension blusher swatch

Lasting Power 
It's not long lasting though. If you're looking for a blusher that stays throughout the day this isn't for you. I don't have particularly oily cheeks but after about 4 - 5 hours it's gone. Although it might be because of the shade itself.


Pros :
Photobucket Average price
Photobucket Cute packaging
Photobucket Very natural color
Photobucket Travel friendly
Photobucket Easy to wear

Cons :
Photobucket Medium lasting power

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  1. OMG i just heard this from ur review. The packaging is so cuteeeeee. Unfortunately, i have oily skin. Im sure can dissapear faster than you :( hiks.

  2. coveragenya gimana ci? Bagus? Atau medium?

  3. Ahhh a new way to put the blusher on my cheek hihi. Im really curious right now.

  4. Lucu banget Missha ini emang, aku pake cushionnya dan bagus. Tapi masih di wishlist blusher ini :')

  5. Ohhh too bad it's not long lasting enough. But for its cuteness, I'd still get it haha :)

    ♥ Chai Chen ♥ @chenmeicai

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  6. ahhh lucu banget packagingnya, hasilnya juga oke banget. buat traveling sih asik

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  8. review-nya bagus ya, apalagi dengan packagingannya yang imut seperti itu..

  9. Jadi penasaran sama Shades lainnya.

  10. Jadi penasaran sama Shades lainnya.

  11. Selain packagingnya lucu, gampang ngeblend nya yaa nona kawai...kalo yang pakai cc Miharu julie cocok aja, tp kalo cwek2 yang suka cute atuff cocok..hehe

  12. Buat cwek2 yang suka cute stuff cocok..hehe

  13. aku suka packaging nya ci
    brown <3

  14. Kayanya ini natural ya ka di banding pake yg presed powder... Kayanya musti coba deh.. Pake blush on cushion nya missha...

  15. Yah sayang staying powernya gak lama, padahal lucu bangeet ya ini.

  16. Cute stuff😍😍
    Thanks for review cii

  17. omg the packaging is so cute!!!
    i have oily skin on my tzone, i wonder if it will last..
    but i think worth to try, thanks for the review!

    Veronyca Sufry

  18. Interesting product nice giveaway

  19. OMG this so cute. Packagingnya brown line uhhhh.

  20. Cute packaging😆....blm prnah nyobain😑

  21. hi Miharu Julie ,
    Really you look like a beautiful doll..
    dental clinic in chennai


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