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Hello! Today, I'm super excited to share with you this Unpretty Rapstar cosmetics x SSIN B.H Box Review. If you follow Korean shows, then you would know the show Unpretty Rapstar, a popular female rapper music competition program.

Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics x SSINNIM

Korean beauty creator, Ssin nim (씬님), teamed up with UNPRETTY RAPSTAR to create a line of gorgeous and easy-to-use products for Korean beauty enthusiasts

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I love the holographic diamond shaped box with Ssin’s logo imprinted on the front. All B.H Box products contain SSIN-NIM character stickers

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SSINNIM x Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics
CHARIS-unpretty rapstar makeup line

If you scan the QR Code you can gain access to a makeup tutorial video of SSINNIM

unpretty rapstar makeup brand

Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetic x SSIN Make up Kit includes:
1. SSIN Multi Drawing Contouring Kit (3 colors: pearl highlighter, medium, medium dark) 4g+5g+5g
2. SSIN Easy Long Wear Auto Shadow (Shade: 01 Light Aurora) 1.5g
3. SSIN Monocolor Shadow (Shade: 01 Daisy Peach) 1.8g
4. SSIN Smooth Jelly Shadow (Shade: 05 Wild Almond) 2g
5. SSIN-Nim Stickers

unpretty rapstar cosmetic x ssin
Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetic x SSIN collaboration BH BOX

unpretty rapstar contour palette

This fabulous kit includes SSIN's highly sought-after multi drawing contouring kit (3 colors: pearl highlighter, medium, medium dark) that perfectly sculpts and defines your face, while adding touches of highlighted areas. Blend the colors to create realistic shadows, recede specific facial features, and amplify dimension. 

BEAUTY EYES FACE KBEAUTY REVIEW UNBOXING Contour kit set Unpretty Rapstar cosmetics x Ssinnim B.H Box

Unpretty Rapstar cosmetics x Ssinnim B.H Box

Main item I really love it was the contour kit. The contour kit works decently well for fair skin types. The shades is so soft and natural! The shadows have a nice pigmentation and the pallet is the perfect size for travel. It closes nice and tight so you can easily and safely keep it in your bag.

 Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetic x SSIN collaboration

The mono color shadows come in 10 shades as well and mine is SSIN Monocolor Shadow 01 Daisy Peach an orange pink color that is great for daily makeup look. A glitter type product that reflects light and brightens the area around the eyes.  

SSIN Smooth Jelly Shadow 05 Wild Almond, a monotone dark brown color that helps create depth and sophistications for the eyes.

where to buy unpretty rapstar cosmetics

The texture of the eyeshadow was dense with less pigmentation when used on the eyes with a brush. If you want the colors to be extremely pigmented, then I would recommend using an eye shadow primer. After that you must apply 3-4 layers to get a shades

unpretty rapstar makeup line review

The easy long wear auto shadow come in 10 shades and mine is SSIN Smooth Jelly Shadow 01 Light Aurora, a pearl color that reflects a soft pink beams. Use on the front corners of and the puffs under your eyes.

In the back, there is a product description. 

Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics x SSINNIM review
 The SSIN-nim eyeshadow are all really easy to apply and blend.

Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics x SSINNIM
Unpretty Rapstar cosmetics x Ssinnim B.H Box Review, swatches, demo. 

Check the video: SSIN x Unpretty Rapstar Cosmetics feat Charis

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