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Dolly Wink Eye Shadow 04 Colorful Pop Review

Hello Ladies , Today i'm going to review dolly wink agains after long time ago no review these brand. As you might have known , I LOVE Dolly Wink and Candy Doll. So today , I'm going to review Dolly Wink's Eye Shadow 04. Well, I got No.4 in Colorful Pop few weeks ago. I was so excited to try this eyeshadow that time because of the Colorful Pop color. I got this Eye Shadow from HanaVillage.

The Dolly Wink palette contains 4 shades. This is the basic eyeshadow every lady should have. The highly pigmented colors are long lasting. Its smooth texture and natural shade would be one of your must use eyeshadow for all occasions . The highly pigmented colors are long lasting.  Every shade combination is made for perfect blend for a subtle look. The little shimmering gives an extra glam for your eyes.

Step by Step illustration to teach you how to use the colours . Don't have to know Japanese to understand it, if you want to stay safe the first time using it, I recommend following the easy guide.

Packaging :
I love the outside packaging, The black round casing is small and compact, this easy to bring around and hard to get dirty because they come with a black color. They have a simple lovely design with the little heart shaped window on the top lid, allowing the colours to peek out . They provide small black applicator too. 

As you can see , the colours in the palette are really special. That's also one thing I really like about all the dolly wink palettes.


Pigmentation and Texture :
I love the pigmentation. Dolly wink eyeshadow has a natural color result compared to US Brand. If you don't use any base it has a soft and natural result. Dolly Wink eyeshadow has a soft and smooth texture, the result is more like satin with a bit shimmer . Using both brush/ sponge, the color payoff was great. 1 swipe was all it took to achieve the color intensity shown in the picture above.

If you're take picture with flash , the eyeshadow would have shine like this below picture.

Blendability :
It blends easily and nicely. I did not face any problem in blending and ensuring a smooth transition from one colour to another at all.

Lasting Power :
Long Lasting although i'm not applying eye primer.

Pros :
Photobucket Easy to apply
Photobucket Pigmented and long lasting
Photobucket Simple and small, easy to bring anywhere
Photobucket I love the 4-colours combination
Photobucket They last even without primer
Photobucket The eye shadow wand is convenient and very functional

Cons :
Photobucket No mirror


Thank you for reading my review . Don't forget to join my mini giveaways, sweetie 


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