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Julie is an Indonesia Beauty & Travel Blogger since 2017. Mostly she sharing about her passions in Korea Beauty, Japanese Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle. Livin in Jakarta, Indonesian and Graduate with a major in Visual Communication Design. She started her career since senior high school as a Japanese Fashion model and cosplay. Her passion make her been recognized as the top Indonesia Beauty Blogger, brand ambassador, influencer, talent and best content creators.

In December 2020, she start a small agency business as a Creative Designer and Social Media Digital Marketing. She handle some of Indonesian, Korean, Japan Brand social media, sales, Facebook Ads,  beauty event and marketing projects.

In 2017, She leaving Indonesia for studied and worked in Osaka, Japan for 1 years 9 month. After that she moving to Tokyo, Japan for worked in Japanese Company.

She can speak Japanese, Indonesian, English, a bit Chinese language.

 Brand outlet or store
 Beauty and Fashion blog
 Media Person
 Art Person
 Photographer or related field
 Product penetration in the market

Contact me at this email for more info 
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