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Cosplay Kagamine Rin-Vocaloid

Heyyy heyyy happy hallowen X''D i'm sorry too late say it ;;A;;
Today i share my cosplay picture as Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid
Do you know Vocaloid ? lol You can check in google ;p

Vocaloid Singing Of Sandplay Dragon

Check the song ^_^

Photo 1 & 3 by : Rey Nathanael . You can check his page and like if you like
Photo 2 by : boman :)

Cosplayer *left-right* Photobucket :
Photobucket Yue as : Kamui Gakupo
Photobucket Schia as : Hiyama Kiyoteru
Photobucket Asai as : Gumi
Photobucket Nia as : Miku Hatsune
Photobucket Me as : Kagamine Rin
Photobucket Sasuke as : Kagamine Len
Photobucket Alex as : Kaito shion

Location : Taman Prasasti
Jl. Tanah Abang 1
i love this place because the spot very amazing Photobucket. hmm i most like picture number 3 because i think very cool !

Notes : Bagi yang ingin berfoto disini lebih baik mengajak banyak teman2,karena foto disini tidak gratis dan dikenakan biaya. Yang saya tau kalau 1 orang biaya nya 150.000. Kalau grup semua nya 400.000. Nah lebih baik kalian foto ramai2 jadi bisa patungan bayar nya lol *sekedarpendapat*

Kagamine Rin-ver. Casual
photo by : William Tjin
Location : Ancol :face54:
:135: me as Rin
:135:Sasuke as Len


  1. Such cute cosplay photos! I wish I could have seen you in real life! I love cosplay ^ ^

  2. ah lucuunyaaaaa~~~
    baru sadar uda lama bgt aku ga cosu lagi, lol XD

  3. *natsi : thanks >.<
    *nana : ^___^
    *cominica : iaa makanya cosplay lagi comi :D

  4. Wow!! this is really awesome!
    I always adores cosplay but never have any guts to wear one T_T

  5. kyaaaah now I feel like cosplaying again~~~~ u look all fab in the costume :D
    btw I'm not that young. photo didn't tell justice. lolz...though...I have fine lines on my undereye area, haha


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