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What To Wear To a Casual Christmas Party

How to dress for a christmas party

Wondering what to wear to a holiday open house, an afternoon cookie exchange, or just cocktails around the fire? Although a holiday party at home is usually fairly casual, you’ll definitely want to turn it up a notch with a fab accessory or two and maybe some sparkle in your outfit. Here are 3 outfit ideas for casual christmas party at holiday time.

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1. Stay away from Christmas-themed sweaters
Stay away from costume-like clothing that makes you look like you raided a senior citizen’s closet. To be cool this Christmas, don’t be so obvious. Re-gift that Holiday themed sweater to the Good Will. Instead, try a red, gold, silver or black sweater paired with black pants, boots, and a fabulous bag. It’s perfect for a holiday get together.

What To Wear To a Casual Christmas Party

2. Winter White Dress
Soft white at Christmas is chic and sophisticated. Try a cold shoulder top in winter white with black shoes and gold accessories.

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2. Try a Sweater Dress
A cozy sweater dress with black tights and high flats boots + the three C’s…Casual, classy, cozy. This is a great look during the holidays. Depending on the length of your sweater dress you may want to wear leggings rather than tights. They’re a little thicker.

8 outfit ideas for casual christmas party

3. Sparkle
If the invitation say casual, but you want to look elegant, then all you need to do is add a little glitter into the mix. This pink sparkly bag adds a touch of cute christmas party outfits

What To Wear To a Casual Christmas Party

For casual wear, there are a lot of different color options for you to choose from. For example, you can go for Pink and blue colored combo for this cute casual dress. Everyone has their own styling sense and they plan to dress up according to their wish and preference. There is no rule or restriction on what to wear and what not to, so unless there is a theme for the party, wear whatever is comfortable for you.

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  1. kawai outfit for christmas party :)

  2. y ampun putih bgt dan cntik XD XD XD

  3. How cute and sweet you are! I love those pumps, they have a strong character ;-)

  4. Nona kawai Miharu Julie fashionnya bagus bgt...duh hars berguru ni sm Miharu Julie buat belajar fashion and makeup 😍😍😍

  5. Baru pertama liat n baca..bags ny yg pink lucu banget..πŸ˜†πŸ˜…


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