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D-mop x Eva Dazzle Jacket

One of the heaviest final was next week and I hope I can survived about it and I will be able to write until 26th, before the last wave of finals come . I really really really need this holiday, it's been like 4 years since I started studying for the uni exam and got in, but the semester started right away so boom, back to studying, back to the stress. I forgot what it was like to have fun doing the things I like because the stress is pressing me so much that even those things don't make me feel happy as I do them. I need to get myself together this July, I hope I can do it.

I don't have a many time to take a new photos. So, I'm only post my old photos when my hair is still pink! Sometimes I really miss my pinky hair , I can mix & match so many harajuku outfit and they really looks suitable with my hair.

I wish the thesis and uni exams will quickly end up, I'm prepare to colouring my hair with a green colour yeahhahah! Who care about the crazy look since we were young I feel it doesn't matter if we have fun and be ourselves . I’m willing to look like an absolute lunatic in the name of fashion trends. 

Now, Today I have a new jacket from D-mop brand, they collaboration with my favourite model, Eva Cheung from Hongkong! I'm a huge fans of Eva cute style and her rainbow pastel hair . She really famous in Japan fashion media.

This August, D-mop invited this pink-loving dream 90s girl for a collaboration collection D-mop x Dazzle to share our love for 80s American pop culture . You’ll instantly find yourself lost in a nostalgic haze of pink clouds, candy floss, ice-cream, hotdogs, hamburgers and r rainbow-ish musical notes!

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