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EOS New Adult Red Circle Lenses Review

Hello  I'm back with a new review for you! This time I will be reviewing EOS Blytheye Red circle lenses, sponsored by Pinky Paradise.  Pinky Paradise is an online store which is selling Asian Cosmetic Beauty and Coloured Lens. Here is my review~~

Both lenses 

Now, let's move onto the lenses I chose!  I wanted to try a different color so I chose red! I have very dark brown eyes, so wondered how I'd look like if I had red eyes. Would it be possible i looks like a vampire in fairytale story hahaha! 

Brand / EOS 
Origin / South Korea
Diameter / 14.0mm
Base Curve / 8.6mm
Water Content / 38%
Life Span / Yearly 

Color and Design: 
While I do like this design I am incredibly crazy about this red shade. The red color on these is amazing. Really, just beautiful . I’ve been looking for red lenses that will give a very sharp look on me without drowning in my natural very dark brown eye color and i know EOS always don't disappoint me about their color . EOS New Adult  color pops out even on the darkest natural eye color. I didn’t have to use much lighting to even take a good look but proper lighting makes the colors pop out more vibrantly. 

Now some pictures of them in my eyes .

First, I must say this lenses is very amazing and these lenses are by far the best lenses I own. This is my fav lenses because they are very very comfortable, natural and I have no problem at all with these lenses  . When inserting and taking out the lenses, very easy to put them on to my eyes and taking out. I literally can't feel them when wearing them.  The lenses themselves are pretty thin but not very thin. I don't get it but they really do feel awesome.

The enlargement not too big as they are also only 14 mm, But It still give the look of larger eyes than the original Adult series . These lenses give you a sort of dolly effect with the strong limbal ring but nothing too intense since they aren't huge lenses(only being 14mm).

Zombie Make up for Halloween Edition !

Who is excited about another Halloween-themed review??? .  Since Halloween is coming up, and circle lenses are very popular with costumes, I decided I would do try a zombie make up for halloween. Oh my gosh. You've know, I FREAKING LOVE HALLOWEEN . I'll back for a another halloween makeup!

I really liked how these lenses turned out ! And I definitely recommend Pinky Paradise to you. Lenses are safe, comfortable and lasts for a year if you take care of them properly. I am providing all of my followers with a 50% off PinkyParadise Coupon code. All you have to do is fill in the coupon code Halloween2014miharujulie . Don't forget to use this coupon code  before checking out of your purchase.

 This code is only applicable to lenses (except Phantasee series, monthly lenses and Toric-Astigmatism lenses). Any other products such as cosmetics will not be included.

 This code can only be used for one time purchase per customer and cannot be used with any other coupon code.

 This code expired on 6th October 2014 (World Time).

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