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Spookii 'Sweet Trap' T-shirt Photoshoot

Good Morning , how is your day going? I finally grabbed the laptop to write this post. I'm so excited for today's review because I've received a cool t-shirt. I'm 100% sure you'll fall in love with them too if you love a creepy cute style!

Spookii is a clothing line that combines the Japan-US culture is packed with unique and cute illustrations from Jakarta . Their main products such as t-shirts, but they also produce other unique accessories such as accessories (chokers and necklaces acrylic) and a tote bag. 

It's been some time since the items arrived and I did the photoshoot, so I won't be able to talk about the shipping time, I'm sorry. However, I can say that item arrived in perfect condition, there weren't any defects !

i like the design and combination black and purple colour 

I think this is all for this photoshoot post. I hope you enjoyed it like I did. It was so fun to shoot these photos with my secret photographer lol hahaha  Thank you for keeping up with all my photoshoots. I wonder when are you going to get bored.

Enough with the babbling! this review ends here. I will be writing new reviews when I have time. In fact, I'm writing this review at 4:30 AM but will publish it tomorrow afternoon, haha, I have no time and no life . I will see you in my next post, take care of yourself until then .



  1. Amazing outfit, looks like a wonderful clothing line, stunning love, I love it, you look great :)



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