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Review: Etude House Look at My Lips Lipsticks no.4

Etude House have a line that called “Look at My Lips” launch in June or July 2011.That consist 19 shades, which 3 shades are limited edition. They first launch only 13 shades, 10 permanent shades and the 3 are limited edition. Later in late November 2011 they released 6 more shades.

#1 – My Secret Mix                                                            #2 – Runway Coral Orange
#3 – Celeb Pop Pink                                                           #4 – I Love Pink
#5 – Pink Holic                                                                  #6 – I’ve Got Red
#7 – Glamorous Brick                                                        #8 – Lovely Antique Rose
#9 – Paparazzi Coral                                                         #10 – Spot Light Beige
#11 – Marshmallow Pink (LE, Discontinued)                      #12 – Peach Bonbon (LE, Discontinued)
#13 – Dreaming Lavender (LE, Discontinued)                    #14 Pop Star Pink
#15 Envy Red                                                                   #16 Love Me Pink
#17 Lady Like Pink                                                           #18 Swiss Salmon
#19 Pole In Beige

image Packaging:
Simple cute design, i really like it.  It's your typical plastic sheath with metallic holders inside with the product.

Texture image:
The lipsticks are rather creamy in texture, and smooth during application. You need to use a lipbalm with this lipstick if you have a dry chapped lip. 

Lasting Power image:
Staying power is just average. Granted, it isn't a long wear lipstick, but this rubs off easily when you're eating or drinking, so you’ll have to apply it again.

image Pigmentation:
Some of the colors have very great pigmentation but some you have to apply it 1-2 swipes for the color truly showed up. Lighter shades definitely have less pigmentation. But overall 'look at my lips no.4' really are pigmented.

Available locally at Etude House Indonesia stores.
Sponsored by Etude House Indonesia



  1. I love Etude House products, they are so amazing !
    Giveaway on my blog, win a Vichy skincareproduct

  2. I was surprised that this packaging wasn't really "in your face" cute like Etude House is known to do! but great review nonetheless! xoxox


  3. I love the color of the pink in the photo up the top. I might have to buy one :)

  4. Oh the packaging is very cute, the color is a lovely baby pink!



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