Kawaii Pastel Fairy Kei Bracelet


 kawaii charms

so many kawaii beads

pastel star beads

pastel macaroon with kawaii lollipop            blue rose bracelet

mrs and mr owl bracelet                              delicious ice cream bracelet

pastel marshmallow bracelet

Yeah~ Finally!  All bracelet is my handmade do you think which one is more kawaii?

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7 ♥comments

  1. I like the circle bracelet with blue,yellow and pink beads separated by the smaller white beads ~~ I would honestly wear something like that! Thanks for the super cute post (>3<)/ xoox


  2. this is mecha maxs cuteness *^* *nosebleed

  3. Oh omg, so cute! >w< I love the pastel marshmallow bracelet and the one with macaron and lollipop. ♥
    Good job, I would totally fail at creating something as cute as this. xD

  4. All of these are so pretty. Where do you get your beads from?

  5. kak ini beli dimana >_< kyaaa ada onlineshopnya ga kak? apa namanya :33 makasih kak

    1. Charms nya dr delipanda_claycraft (instagram)
      Beads nya beli di pasar say :)


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