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Lancôme Accord 3 Roses Lait Corps Fraîcheur

Discover Lait Corps Fraîcheur, a sensorial, delightful, ultra-fresh body milk, enriched with 3 Rose extracts for instant and 24h hydration with maximum pleasure.
Adapted to all skin types, even sensitive, it penetrates quickly to allow all women ‘on the go’ to get dressed immediately after application.

Moisturizes - Softens - Smoothes
An exceptionally light texture that melts instantly on the skin, allowing you to get dressed right after application.

Photobucket Rosa Centifolia: soothes the skin and strengthens its natural defense barrier ( Soothes skin ).
Photobucket Rosa Gallica: calms and reduces redness in order to protect and soothe the skin ( Antioxidant properties to protect skin daily ).
Photobucket Rosa Canina: improves skin hydration ( Rich in essential fatty acids to moisturize ).

Size: 350ml.

 The lotion is very light when applied, penetrates rapidly into the skin and leaves a very soft finish .

Pros :
Photobucket It has a gorgeous creamy texture and literally melts into the skin.
Photobucket The scent is soft and delicate. But,  if you don’t like the scent of rose, this is probably not the product for you. The scent of rose has a calming and mood lifting effect, and has even been said to have anti-depressant benefits.
Photobucket Leaves soft moist and dewy skin behind.

Cons :
Photobucket As we know, Lancome product have a expensive price and less suitable to students like me.



  1. love lancome products dear
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  2. ooh, the packaging is so feminine and elegant! loving it ^_~

  3. Wow interesting post! Might give this ago!
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