Lucido-L Hair Vitamin Oil for Damaged Hair Review


Nowadays with all the colouring of hair, using of styling tools and especially using styling tools without proper heat protection, our hair is even more prone to damage . Using hair care products daily is a great way to maintain the awesome effects of treatments you do at salons. While many hair care products claim to moisturize our hair, more often than not, they end up giving us this oily, heavy and streaky after effect. Now, I want to sharing my favourite hair care products. I love my hair soooo much after using this products a few years ago, I really can't believe I'm able to achieve this standard of smoothness by myself at home .

Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement Treatment Oil is a leave on treatment that repairs dry and stiff damaged hair for smooth hair that feels good to touch. This treatment oil contains CMC-like (Cell Membrane Complex) professional hair care ingredients, penetrating into the moisture layer to hydrate hair and retain moisture efficiently. Use this treatment oil at night for best result. 

 Use after shampoo and conditioner 
 Apply the treament to your palms 
 Apply to the tips of damaged hair 
 No rinsing necessary

Pros :
Photobucket It really travel friendly with the small packaging
Photobucket Came with pump
Photobucket Affordable price
Photobucket has nice floral scent

Cons :
Photobucket -


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