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Fairy Kei

Fairy Kei is a street fashion from Japan. It can be described as Kawaii style meets 80s pop. Fairy kei fashion features rainbows of pastel colors, bright bows, and supercute accessories. Japanese fashion brands popular with fairy kei girls include 6%DOKIDOKI, Nile Perch, Spank!, and ManiaQ. In addition to the established brands, young Japanese designers also contribute their creativity to the Harajuku fairy kei scene. Two of these up-and-coming designers are Moco & Tomo, founders of the indie fairy kei fashion brands Strawberry Planet and Mello.
9 Tips on How to Be Fairy Kei
1. Colors. A basic Fairy Kei outfit uses a variety of pastel colors. However neon & darker colors can be incorporated in the outfit

2. Get a poofy skirt. Tutus & Petticoats are the popular choice but you don't have to wear only those options! Ruffly skirts, plain cutoff denim skirts, patterned or plain miniskirts, colorful shorts, gauzy skirts, lacy skirts, overalls, etc.

3. Add your 80's twist. Whether it be converse shoes, scrunchies, famous 80's characters like Care Bears or My Little Pony, fanny packs or even leggings. Always remember about adding an 80's twist.

4. Add cute accessories, but not too many decorative levels. Cute hair bow, cute hair clips in fun colors, thick headbands, skinny headbands, cool eighties caps, etc.

5. Style the hair. Hair can really be any style, but cutesy, childish hair is best. Maybe with a bow.

6. Use leggings, socks or tights: Opt for some bright colored leggings, cute ankle socks or some simple colored tights. Maybe add small neutral colors like black or white. Remember legwarmers? Those are an option too!

7. Add shoes. Converse are very popular in this style but there are many other options. Bright colored high top sneakers, Dr. Martens, pop colored heels and even UGGs can work with this style!

8. Listen to music. The best part of Fairy Kei is the music. Popular choices are Riot Grrrl, Electroclash, 80's Pop icons such as Cindy Lauper, Madonna & Blondie just to name a few & of course Japan does have some underground bands & artists such as PEEP4U

9. Check 80's cartoons for ideas. 80's cartoons, like Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, Barbie, The Smurfs & Disney characters are very popular with Fairy Kei.

You don't have to wear just DokiDoki or Spank! Thrift stores are your friends.
Similar fashion style that might interest you are; Fairy Lolita, OTT Lolita, Decora & Neo Fairy Decora
Popular Fairy Kei brands are Spank!, Nile Perch, Ticket to Darling Shop & Manasca Banana.

Moco in Fairy Kei Fashion
Strawberry Planet Moco in Angelic Pretty Bunny Ears
You likely already know Moco as the indie designer behind the fairy kei labels, Strawberry Planet and Mello. Like her fashion, she is always really sweet, so we’re always glad to see her around Tokyo. She is 17 forever and studies at Bunka Fashion College. This time she is wearing pastels, with pink hair and bangs.

Moco is wearing a pink Angelic Pretty cape with bunny ears and heart-shaped pockets. Her ruffle skirt is 6%DokiDoki, paired with over the knee striped socks from the same label. She’s wearing several handmade necklaces (with a cute pastel cross) and pins, and pink, furry boots with pompoms.

If you’d like to know more about Moco, check out her her official blog or follow her on Twitter. (credits: tokyofashion )

Monta's Decora Fashion in HarajukuPink Hair & Flowers in Harajuku
Here’s Monta, If you’d like to know more about Monta and her life as an idol, you should follow her on Twitter! She will also likely be at the Pop N Cute Halloween Party if you want to meet her.

Kumamiki w/ Party Baby in HarajukuKumamiki's 6%DOKIDOKI Shooting Star Necklace

Here’s Kumamiki, the 22-year-old founder of the indie Japanese fashion brand Party Baby and one of the original Harajuku Fashion Walk organizers. After Harajuku Fashion Walk #12 (Sunday, Sept 23, 2012), Kumamiki will step down from the organizing committee for the event so that she can focus more on her brand. However, she will continue to participate in future Harajuku Fashion Walk events even though she won’t be organizing.

 If you’d like to know more about her, you can follow Kumamiki on Twitter! Also, don’t miss our documentary about Party Baby on YouTube.



Decora Hair Clips in Harajuku


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