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Maybelline Makeup Remover Review

MAYBELLINE Make Up Remover
(Eye & Lip)

Efficient & Easy: This formula instantly removes all eye and lip make up, even waterproof ad non-transfer
Gentle: Formulated for sensitive eyes, it is especially very gentle for the delicate skin around the eyes

Shake well before use. Soak a cotton pad with the lotion and apply on your eyes or lips. Follow facial cleansing with maybelline foam or cleansing milk.

I bought it on Watsons, Jakarta. hmm I wear make up *almost* every hangout with my friends and go to mall unless it's i'm just staying at home. So I have to make sure that I always have a make up remover available at all times to remove them.

 this is a fox??!! #abaikan LOL!

Pros :21: :
Photobucket It doesn't sting or irritate my eyes.
Photobucket I also love the packaging; the smallest bottle is perfect to keep in my bag.
Photobucket Easy to find on Watsons, Carrefour, and Guardian.
Photobucket More importantly it's very CHEAP!!! Only Rp. 25.000,00 ( 40 ml ) and Rp. 40.000,000 ( 70 ml ).
Photobucket No scent.
Photobucket No itching and no allergic reactions.
Photobucket Non-breakable packaging.

Cons :
Photobucket It takes a few swipes to completely remove makeup.
Photobucket Little oily.
Photobucket Packaging quality- i think it would have been better if it were in a pump.
Photobucket It doesn't remove eye makeup in one swipe.



  1. I've never looked into the Maybelline one, but it looks promising, especially since I already have a separate make-up remover for my eye make-up. c: Thank you for the review!

  2. i love love maybelline's makeup remover!! of all the removers I have tried this is the only that doesn't sting nor blur my eyes ^_~

  3. i have that one too and its great i thought :)

  4. I wanna give it a try! amazing review though! Could you please consider following each other? www.shineonbyandrea.blogspot.com

  5. Interesting product sweetie really interesting and lovely~~


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