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Product Description :90: :
Face Q Ocean + Aloe Mask marine collagen mask full of water allows you have instant access to the moisture to achieve a supple and smooth skin. Enriched with aloe vera gel, its carefully woven fiber essence bears more moisture and nourishment to skin, immediate improves the texture of your skin, and creates skin clarity and translucency!
After skin surface forms protective layer of moisture, retaining moisture for a long-lasting and supple skin, your complexion will be translucent and shine with a healthy glow.

Ingredients :47: :

Aloe extract
: soothing the skin, replenish moisture to maintain skin hydration.

Tremella hyaluronic acid: a potent moisturizing agent,.an excellent water effects and improve the skin cells, SOD enzyme activity, antioxidant.

Placenta: the essence of rejuvenation to increase resilience and enhance the regeneration of skin cells and restore the delicate baby skin.

Seaweed extracts: to help the skin more healthy, to resist environmental damage.

Trehalose: a long-lasting moisture to maintain skin moisture with natural glow.

plant cell extract (Exclusive Cellular Complex): a highly moisturizing function.

Gamma PGA: Moisturizing agent with anti-aging effect.

Seven peptides: collagen synthesis possessed repair signs of anti-aging.

Neural amide: to strengthen the epidermis moisturizing effect, increase skin elasticity.

How to use it :s::s::s:

Photobucket Unfold the mask delicately.
Photobucket Place the mask on the face starting from forehead and nose bridge, and
Photobucket stretch to fit the rest of the face for a perfect fit.
Photobucket Gently lift two sides along the jawline for the lifting action.
Photobucket Relax for 15-20 minutes while pressing the mask softly to enhance absorption.
Photobucket Remove mask and dap the excessive serum until complete absorption.

Photobucket Moisturizing.
Photobucket High efficiency in locking water.
Photobucket Highly hydrating.

suitable for
all skin type / dry and delicate skin.

My Face LOL :face4:

Pros :21: :
Photobucket The packaging of this mask is so cute compared to the MBD mask.
Photobucket More essence and more watery.
Photobucket I felt my skin was so hydrated and bright.

Cons :22: :
hmm available online.

Will I purchase it again? YES!! I love that my face feels soft like a baby's :face71:.
I absolutely adore these masks from faceQ to bits and would recommend them to all of you :face48:!!

Samudera Aloe faceQ Topeng

:t::t: Rating: 10/10 :t::t:

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