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To captivate… The lipstick or how to personify feminity… The Yves Rocher lipstick range includes glosses, sheer and shine lipstick, matte and moisturising lipstick… to meet your every wish and highlight the beauty of your lips at every moment of your day.

What the Product Claims:
(From Yves Rocher website):

A creamy, melting, hydrating, nourishing texture, non-sticky, non-run, to draw a clear outline and plump the surface. Perfect coverage from the first application: a smooth, supple luminous film covering the lips. True Colour from stick to lips. Intense and satiny, remains beautiful, fresh and brilliantly vibrant for hours. Delicately outlined with silky, satiny colour, the lips are enhanced. Tested under dermatological supervision.

Ingredients Photobucket :
Nourishing organic sesame oil.

The sesame is a tropical herbaceous plant; the part used is the seed. The oil extracted from it is rich in essential fatty acids. It is nourishing and hydrates the skin well. Organic sesame oil is used for this lipstick.

Other botanical ingredients:
Photobucket Shea butter: for its nourishing properties,
Photobucket Apricot oil: for its nourishing, hydrating properties,
Photobucket Musk rose oil: for its hydrating properties.
Photobucket Key botanicals: Organic sesame oil, shea butter, apricot oil, musk rose oil and vitamin E.

The Color :face71:

By : Nikon dslr

By : My Phone
Warna Lipsticknya masih terlihat jelas walaupun pencahayaan dikamarku sangat gelap.

Like :21: :
Photobucket Beautiful Red .. ! The fabulous and vivid color.
Photobucket It stays on and moisturizes and the color stays true.
Photobucket Simple Packaging.
Photobucket Contains sesame oil.
Photobucket Lots of shades to choose .

Dislike :22: :
Hmmm.. I don't know.. Maybe the Price. LOL :10:
Saya tidak terlalu suka menggunakan lipstick/ lipgloss dan sejenisnya.
Tapi sejauh saya menggunakan lipstick ini tidak ada masalah. :face4:

You can Buy the Product in SOGO.
Another Product You Can Check " HERE "

My Style :face64: The Ribbon is my handmade >:D

Accessories and Kitty Bow

Last Photo LOLOL

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8 ♥comments

  1. That's a lovely lipstick color <3
    You look so cute in all your pictures too!

  2. howaaa..very red lips~ XD
    tapi kamuu kok bisa cute make ituuuu..gak kyk akuu...<3

    1. hee ini juga kebetulan cocok sama warna lipsticknya ><
      ahhh~ cobain aja kayaknya sama km jg cocok deh
      pasti dapet kesan cantik dewasa gitu :D

  3. eh cocok loh pake warna ini, cantiiikkkkkk~~~ :D

  4. thanks say <3 ia kebetulan cocok wkakaka~

  5. So Cute pictures of you! The handmade ribbon is cute too!!! :)


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