Etude House Aloha 48 Colors Eyeshadow


Review Etude House Aloha - 48 Colors Eyeshadow.
The model: Sandara Park 2ne1.

Features a variety of refreshing colors representative of Hawaii and their tropical beaches.

The Aloha collection will focus on ‘bronzing’ makeup this summer which will capture the natural bronzing effect and youthful glow to any skin tones. It will also be sweat and water resistant so that it doesn’t interfere with your summer activities.

Details Product Photobucket :
Photobucket Color Texture: Contain Shimmer & some Matt colors.
Photobucket Pigmentation: Dark colors goes on good with 1 sweep. Light colors would need 2 sweeps or more to achieve its color.
Photobucket Price: Maybe Rp. 300rb+. You can check at the shop.

The Packaging it was made with paper cardboard :face63:

Here some swatches ( With Flash, without ).

Like :21: :
Photobucket overall i think this product is perfect.
Photobucket have 48 colors for need whatever day or mood that suits me.
Photobucket it has this shimmering effect on your eyes…
Photobucket the brush „ it reminds me of eraser from bookstore. :face4: LOL
Photobucket long lasting color.
Photobucket have 5 eyeshadow applicator.

Hate :22: :
Photobucket I wish it was made of a more durable material rather than a cardboard
Photobucket Mirror looks like a fake mirror (kinda looks like plastic)
Photobucket The price very expensive for the materials packaging.

Simple Tutorial Photobucket :
1. Use the concealer on your eyebrows.
2. After that, you can give a little powder to make it look same as skin color.
3. You can use the others eyeshadow colors as you want.

Use Green + Gold Eyeshadows.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Be careful not to drop this product!! It might be damaged Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Everything is Green?! :face17: LOL ! I think like zombie "or" corpse bride "or" green goblin?
Green lipstick make my face look scary :15:. Btw i'm using wig Ranka Lee- Macross Frontier.

Last Photo =w=)/

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8 ♥comments

  1. I like it! Especially the turquoise color! :D

  2. Heeeey not bad C: For a young lady you can put on make up pretty well! Looking forward to your cosplay posts~!

  3. what a lovely palette!!! and great look you've created, good job!

  4. cantik banget warna ijonya, dari rambut sampe seluruh make upnya. WOW Keren.



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