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Vampire Knight

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The Vampire Knight manga series and its Anime adaption features a relatively small cast of characters created by Matsuri Hino. The series takes place in an alternative future of earth where global warming occurred ten thousand years ago giving rise to immortal vampires and dramatically reducing the number of humans. Their opponents, the vampire hunters were borne of a necessity for humans to defend themselves against the vampires who were turning their kind into the slave army. In spite of being set in future earth, it features a mixture of contemporary and old fashioned technology.

The primary character of the series is Yuki Cross, a naive but energetic human, who is the introductory narrator, she is supported by childhood friend and vampire hunter Zero Kiryu and her crush Kaname Kuran. The story is set in a school environment and originally the cast is divided into human and vampire students, but after the main three characters are eventually revealed to be vampires, the story moves away from the school environment in the second arc. Zero Kiryu’s revelation as a vampire drives the first half of the first arc and the second half is driven by Yuki’s revelation to be a vampire. In spite of the secrets held by the two former humans, Kaname is the character with the most secrets, which appear to be the focus of the beginning of the second arc. While initially developing the characters, Hino reported that though Kaname was created earlier, at every step in the characters' creations, she found it difficult to maintain a balance between Kaname and Zero as she struggled with fears of the former overshadowing the latter.

:90: Character

:63: Yuki Cross / Yuki Kuran

Yuki Cross / Yuki Kuran (黒主 優姫 / 玖蘭 優姫 Kurosu Yūki / Kuran Yūki) is the adopted daughter of the Headmaster of Cross Academy, a 15-year-old first year student, who wields the Artemis rod, an anti-vampire weapon given to her by Kaien Cross. She begins as a human, a Guardian protecting the vampire students' secret from the human students. Yuki is close to Zero Kiryu, who she becomes determined to help once she learns he is has become a vampire. Her other significant relationship is with Kaname Kuran, whom she has been in love with since he saved her as a young child. She is generally a kind, caring, cheerful, crazy and comedic character, but she is very naive and careless girl, often portrayed as not being very smart, being a poor student due to the fact that she is a Guardian at night and student in the daytime, giving her little time to study and sleep. She is often kept ignorant by other characters who know more about on-goings, which results in her character feeling guilty for being unaware of the suffering of other characters. Hino Matsuri has described Yuki as a healing and soothing character, who exemplifies her justice side.

Towards the climax of arc one, Yuki is revealed to be a pureblood vampire, when Kaname awakens her breaking the spell cast by their mother, releasing suppressed memories of her past. This revelation alienates Zero, but the two fight together to defeat Rido. The formerly close friends part ways after Zero tells Yuki he intends to kill all pureblood vampires, including herself, while finally revealing his feelings for her. Yuki’s response is left unknown until she later admits to Kaname an unbreakable attachment to Zero in her heart. During the one year time skip, Yuuki spent the entire time inside the Kuran mansion with Kaname until Yuki decides to take up the responsibility of killing purebloods who wish to die. Kaname finally reveals to Yuki that he is her ancestor, not brother which leads Yuki to ask to start over, but Kaname leaves to continue his past mission. Yuki returns to Cross Academy, restarting the Night Class to gather allies. Yuki begins mending her relationship with Zero, but his misunderstanding leads them to form an agreement based on mutual goals that is purely business like. When the hunters revolt against Kaien's attempt to stop Kaname, Yuki states that she wants to stop Kaname too. However, she also told Zero that if she were a piece in Kaname's game, she would play her part and then go to meet him.Yuki is also a pureblood princess

:63: Zero Kiryu

Zero - vampire-knight photo

Zero Kiryu (錐生 零 Kiryū Zero?) is unique being both a Vampire Hunter and a vampire. Yuki's close friend and the only other Cross Academy Guardian, he was trained to be a Vampire Hunter by Toga Yagari. Zero carries the anti-vampire gun called "Bloody Rose”. Zero lives with Kaien Cross and Yuki, after being bitten by a pureblood vampire who also murdered his family. Due to the attack, Zero developed a deep hatred and distrust of vampires, despite originally being a gentle character by nature. Matsuri Hino described Zero as exemplifying her hesitant nature.

The first arc of the story is spent dealing with Zero trying to overcome his fall into the madness, helped by Yuki when she pledges to feed him her blood. Yuki continually oversteps boundaries in helping Zero and he ends up preventing her from trading her humanity to Shizuka Hio in exchange for preventing his fall to a Level E vampire. Zero swears never to allow Yuki to become a vampire and attempts to help her with her own issues. Zero clashes with Kaname Kuran, who only allows Zero to live to protect Yuki and Zero is eventually forced to drink the blood of Kaname to delay becoming a level E vampire. Following the discovery of Yuki's true nature as a pureblood vampire, Zero and Yuki's friendship is broken. Perceived as dangerous, Zero is arrested by the Hunter Association and it is revealed that Kaname had been grooming Zero in order for him to defeat Rido Kuran. Zero is shot by his dying twin brother, forcing him to "eat" Ichiru to complete the Twin Hunter fragment. With this final act and carrying the blood of three purebloods,Zero becomes one of the most powerful characters appearing in the series. Zero and Yuki work together and defeat Rido, but Zero reveals his intention to end everything, to kill all pureblood vampires including Yuki. However, (In the Manga,) Zero is unable to kill Yuki, revealing that he had been in love with her for a long time and kisses her. (They Don't kiss in the Anime.) The two mutually part, as Yuki promises to run from Zero forever to give him a reason to live.

Following the one year timeskip, Zero has progressed from his dangerous state of mind, more concerned with maintaining peace between vampires and hunters enough to find himself poised as the future president of the Hunter Association. Zero continues to hunt vampires and seeks the truth about a Vampire hunter's death at the party, but is still dealing with issues regarding his loss of his humanity and intense vampire hunger. When Zero meets up with an injured Yuki, Zero finds himself assisting her though they are still technically enemies and he once again finds himself entwined in Yuki's business when she restarts the night class. He is again surrounded by vampires, he is even approached affectionately by Maria for his connection to Ichiru. Zero finds Yuki's behaviour at school abnormal when she attempts to re-establish a connection to Zero and insists she drinks his blood and they begin a new agreement driven by mutual interest of keeping the students safe.

:63: Kaname Kuran

Kaname - vampire-knight photo

Kaname Kuran (玖蘭 枢 Kuran Kaname) is introduced as the pureblood vampire saved Yuki from an attack by another vampire when she was five years old. Kaname is revealed to be one of the original vampires and founder of the Kuran family, who was raised as Juri and Haruka's son after being reawakened by Rido Kuran. During the first arc, Kaname spends his time working to protect Yuki, which includes killing Shizuka Hio and fostering Zero Kiryu's powers. The end of the arc culminates in his destruction of the Vampire Council, which attacked the school, fearing the return of the Kuran family as the rulers of Vampire Society. Kaname's inexplicable attachment and gentleness to Yuki is finally explained when Kaname awakens her true nature as a pureblood vampire born as his sister and to become his wife. Kaname is forced to do so with the return of his enemy and uncle, Rido. As Kaname is unable to kill his master, he approaches Zero to kill Rido and free him from Rido. The attachment to Rido persists beyond the vampire's death and his remnant is later seen talking to Kaname, taunting him about his conflicting nature.

Following the timeskip, Kaname takes Yuki to their childhood home and solidifies his rule over the vampires and forges and new peace between the purebloods and the hunters. When Yuki reveals her attachment to Zero thinking rejection, Kaname instead impresses upon her his love, preferring to be killed rather than losing her. Kaname is haunted by the idea that he will one day lose Yuki should she choose to sacrifice herself and he wavers between the desire to lock her up or allow her freedom. Kaname tells Yuki that he is not her brother but, her ancestor. Later, his true intentions are once again shrouded in mystery when he kills Aidou's father and leaves Yuki. He has underlying intentions that aren't revealed yet, but he does say to Yuki, who saw him kill Aidou's dad, "I have to fulfill my original goal, Yuki." Kaien confronts Kaname and says he is going to kill Kaname for many reasons but mainly because of Yuki.

Day Class Students :c:

Day Class students are humans who attend Cross Academy and live in the Sun Dormitory. The majority remain ignorant of the vampires at the school. They attend classes during the day only, hence the name, while wearing black uniforms. Following the battle on the school, the students realized the true identity of the Night Class students. At first they were fearful, but eventually accepted the vampires reluctantly; however, upon the reopening of the school, all but a selected few had their memories erased of this information.

:82: Ichiru Kiryu
Ichiru Kiryu (錐生 壱縷 Kiryū Ichiru?) was Zero's younger identical twin brother.

:82: Sayori Wakaba
Sayori "Yori" Wakaba (若葉 沙頼 Wakaba Sayori?) is Yuki's dorm-mate and best friend since junior high.

Night Class Students :b:

Night Class students are young vampires who attend Cross Academy and live in the Moon Dormitory, while wearing white uniforms. They are offsprings of elite families in vampire society and are of noble blood, gathered by Kaname Kuran, in order to pursue peace between humans and vampires. They are extremely beautiful and highly intelligent. As they are nocturnal and sensitive to sunlight, they attend classes during the night and sleep during the day.

:84: Akatsuki Kain (架院 暁 Kain Akatsuki?)
:84: Hanabusa Aido (藍堂 英 Aidō Hanabusa?)
:84: Maria Kurenai (紅 まり亜 Kurenai Maria?)
:84: Rima Touya (遠矢 莉磨 Tōuya Rima?)
:84: Ruka Souen (早園 瑠佳 Sōen Ruka?)
:84: Seiren (星煉 Seiren?)
:84: Senri Shiki (支葵 千里 Shiki Senri?)
:84: Takuma Ichijo (一条 拓麻 Ichijō Takuma?)

:49: Vampire Hunters
:83: Headmaster Kaien Cross
:83: Kaito Takamiya
:83: Toga Yagari

( credits: Vampire Knight )

comment : i really love the anime and manga >__<"(specific kaname-sama:67:) hmm.. next year maybe i will cosplay this anime :face50:


  1. I love Vampire Knight ^_^ I read the manga before I watched the anime but when I finished the anime, I forgot where I was up to in the manga and just gave up on it, sigh... I love Kaname tooooooooooo, hehe <3

    i like kaname.. but his brain full of scary plans --"
    thanks for post abou VK..

  3. Vampire knight is one of my favouite anime/Manga :D But best of all I love their uniform best XD I cosplayed yuki once because the uniform is so cuteeee <3 XD

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