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Perfume Tous Touch

Tous Touch from Tous will launch in September in Spain:

The fragrance, Created by Sophie Labbe perfurmer The perfume has a shower gel and body lotion

Rosa Tous defined as "desert wind" the perfume contains lotus, freesia, lily of the valley, white flowers, sambac jasmine, osmanthus, tiare flower, vanilla flower, raspberry and almond sweetened with honey, a combination along with exclusive gift packs, and usually carry perfume makes this a winning combination.

Description product :

FLORAL - Fruity
The fragrance by Sophie Labbe, takes us on a journey of flowers and fruit that enhances the touch TOUS, TOUS TOUCH

Leaving aside the traditional olfactory pyramid let nature take its course.
TOUS TOUCH components themselves evolve naturally.

Photobucket Output: Lotus flower, freesia and lily of the valley.
Photobucket White flowers in its purest form: Sambac jasmine, osmanthus and Tiare flower, the flower of the welcome in Polynesia.
Photobucket The flower of the vanilla, raspberry and sweetened with honey almond keep us in the unique and sensual aroma TOUS TOUCH.

The glass bottle TOUS TOUCH is the jewel in gold and leather embrace the essence.

Tous Touch is available in 30, 50 and 100 ml .

The bottle is slightly oval ornament a pendant in the shape of Tous famous bear, on the other hand the material it is made: gold glass and leather goods are items that are in nature, making an object very feminine bottle.

Love the perfume because Photobucket :

:t: very beautiful fragrance, it's very soft, creamy, powdery, vanillic, silky texture, lasts long, it's just like a fairytail.
:t: The bottle is really cute

The price :face18:

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  1. lucu yah parfumnyaa, hehe sayang aku gak terlalu suka pake perfume >.< suka lupa akhirnya di kasih mama smua deh,lol


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