Review Lypstick Etude House


Review Lypstick Etude House :59:

For girls who love make up, we should all know that it is almost impossible to finish a stick of lipstick because we have simply too many of them! That is why I have recently grown to love the cosmetics range sold at Etude House

What i like :face56: :
:t: Have a good pink colour, So i can wear it for the photoshoot or the party
:t: The cap has a fairytale and the design it's look like princess
:t: no harsh reactions from my lips
:t: provides a good base to cover the natural pigmentation of my lips to reveal the truer shade of the lipstick on the lips
:t: The taste and smell is not bad

Dislike :22: :
:52: not long lasting though, after just one drink of water, the tint diminished already.

First time i see this lpystick, i think the colour very soft
But after i use in my lips, i think otherwise. because a bright colour
You can see the colours quite clearly on your lips.

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  1. Thanks for the review! I'm also planning to buy Etude Lipstick or other products 'coz the packaging's really cuuute!

  2. packagingnya lucuu, wuih warnanya, blom punya nih warna pink magenta gini, XD

  3. *toffinshan : welcome :)
    *comi : ooh ia pink magenta.. g ga tau jenis warna apa ;;___;; padahal DKV juga /plakk

  4. that's a very vivid neon pink, love it. it reminds me much with LED series oso from EH >3

  5. nice post!! feel free to visit and follow my blog!!Thanks!!


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