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Review Jergens- Ultra Healing

Discover the Beauty of Jergens® Skincare

The Jergens® skincare experts bring you body moisturizers that bring out your most beautiful skin. This unique collection of moisturizers transforms skin, leaving it so remarkably smooth, soft and radiant you won’t be the only one who notices.

:63: Indulge your skin with Jergens® Shea Butter Skin Enriching Moisturizer. This formula is enriched with pure African Shea Butter to penetrate deeply to transform skin. Eight out of 10 women who tried it immediately noticed soft and radiant skin that lasted all day.

:63: Nourish your skin with Jergens® Skin Smoothing Cellular Renewal Moisturizer. This formula, containing dual-action polishing beads, boosts cellular renewal by removing dry, flaky cells to reveal silky, smooth skin.

:63: Moisturize with Jergens® Ultra Healing® Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer for deeply hydrated skin. This nourishing, 24-hour formula takes you from a state of extreme dryness to lasting softness.


Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer. Now with Vitamin 3.
Penetrates through 5 layers of skin's surface to start healing at the source.

Experience all the ways the Jergens collection of moisturizers give skin a subtle allure that captivates.

Moisturize into deeply hydrated skin.

Irresistibly soft, invitingly smooth skin is in the palm of your hands. Let the nourishing formula of Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer take even your roughest spots-heels, elbows, and knees-from a state of extreme dryness to a state of lasting sotness. This fast absorbing body lotion goes deep beneath skin's surface to lock in moisture for 24 hours of relief. With continued use, it actually triples skin's moisture content, healing dryness at the source to prevent its unwelcome return :132: .

Made with Vitamin 3, blend of C,E, and B5, this formula penetrates deeply to help heal extra dry skin.

When I first squeezed the product into my hand, I was worried it would be too milky, but I wasn't disappointed as it's very light and not greasy, and it is very quickly absorbed into the skin.

What i like :face35: :
:t: It has a pump. Makes it easier to get the appropriate amount.
:t: Applies smoothly, absorbs quickly and lasts all day
:t: It's not sticky or greasy
:t: 94% natural ingredients

Dislike :22: :
:52: I think the packaging too large and weight


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