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Dolly Wink eyelash "Real Nude"

Dolly Wink by Tsubasa Masuwaka

The “Dolly Wink” line consists of several different fake eyelash sets with names like “Baby Cute”, “Dolly Sweet”, “Sweet Girly” and “Pure Little”. There are also eyeliners and mascara available – all in insanely cute packaging, of course. All of these products have the goal of helping you reach the near nirvana state of “adult cute”, which is the concept of Tsubasa’s Dolly Wink brand.

:135: Right picture is the glue for eyelash
Kemarin saya pergi ke sogo emporium pluit dan mencoba untuk melihat produk ini :face5:
Awalnya saya sedikit bingung untuk membeli salah satu dari produk ini disebabkan banyak pilihan model "eyelash" yang lucu dan bervariasa sedangkan saya tidak membawa uang cukup banyak *poor me*. Namun akhirnya setelah memilih cukup lama saya mencoba membeli Dollywink eyelash number 5

:83: Content of the product

Product Description :90: :
Koji Dolly Wink Eyelash NO.5 Real Nude


Bottom is a bottom false eyelash that helps to create a girly but with a bit of mature feeling!!! Concentrate on naturalness, which uses a random space in between the lashes. Adds a sense to your ordinary lashes to make your eyes vivid.

:t: More easy
:t: More natural
:t: More confident
:t: More convenient
:t: Made in Japan

Dislike :22:
:52: expensive
:52: the packaging is too simple for a high price

And Last is my picture with using dollywink eyelash. It seems in the picture the eyelash look blur :face63:. Sejujurnya aku merasa sedikit aneh dan terlihat tua T_T


  1. Your pic seems nice and not weird or old at all...

  2. I want to try this but I haven't got the chance to buy them :D

  3. it makes your eyes a lot more attracting, you should wear it more often :D

  4. sangat cantik! that means very pretty.. right

  5. I don't think it's weird or old looking.. lol

  6. not weird la, i think its because of youre not used to it? :D

  7. ini di foto emang kurang kliatan ya, tapi aku suka bgt falsies ini di real, look so natural! pengen ku pake tiap hari rasanya. hahah :D
    btw ga aneh n kliatan tua kokk, mungkin kamu merasa kliatan tua krn kamu pake eyeliner item di bawah mata smua~

  8. I always hear good reviews about this and I would love to try it!


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