Etude House Shiny tint eyeshadow


Etude House Shiny tint eyeshadow

Actually this product has long. But i just review now :face23:
I think the eyeshadow is good and have a charming color

What i like :face56::
:t: Have a simple packaging
:t: Nice color

Hate :face30: :
:p: don't have mirror in the packaging

exampe color.. Really i love the purple color :face48:
Not only does it look great with my complexion, it looks great on anyone. It makes your eyes look beauty

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7 ♥comments

  1. Wow, really nice eyeshadow so shiny I would love to put on my eyebrow also. I'll be looking for this gurly stuff once I roam around shop. I have joined your GFollow hope you can follow me also. freinds! :) Hava a nice day ahead

  2. Oohh.. Nice purple color! Btw just found your blog here, salam kenal! ^^

  3. suka banget sama EH yah miha? hhaha

    btw soal palette nyx itu, dia US brand. bagusan mana sama aloha.. hmm aloha warnanya lebih sheer sayang. hehe :) oia aku blom pernah swatch yah aloha nya, nanti ku buatin swatchnya yaa, maybe next week :)

  4. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  5. *ceecile : ia salam kenal :) thanks for comment
    *comi : ooo begitu XD ok di tunggu foto sama review aloha nya >_< penasaran banget ahhaha !

  6. i love the color, but i think you overdid the application? ^^; it'd be better if you pat on it lightly ^^

    anyway, i have an opi giveaway on my blog, would you like to join it? ^^


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