Estee Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo


About Estee Lauder Product :47:
Estee Lauder founded her own company in 1946 armed with only four products: Super Rich All-Purpose Creme, Creme Pack, Cleansing Oil, and Skin Lotion. With a desire to bring out the beauty in every woman and an unshakeable belief that all great things begin with a vision, Lauder pioneered the gift-with-purchase marketing technique and quickly developed her company into an international giant. Today, the Estee Lauder Company has a reputation for high quality and unsurpassed service. Their collections of skincare products, makeup, and fragrances exemplify the best that art and science can achieve.

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo #mocca Color

This is a long-wearing eyeshadow duo that goes on smooth and silky. It doesn't cake up or fade. The color lasts all day! Also, the color choices are excellent - pick up several sets to go with everything. This is all you need to make your eyes really pop!

the bristle brush really softer, more natural look, and that it holds up better over time.
Plus, I can easily clean it.

I just love this eyeshadow color duo. Not only does it look great with my complexion, it looks great on anyone. It makes your eyes look softer and I have already bought my second one. This duo is a great match and it blends together very well. I love this product most of all because the colors are so perfect with each other.

What I like :face64:
:t: This eye shadow is the perfect size to fit into even the smallest evening bag, overnight bag, or carry-on flight bag.
:t: The color pairings are perfect and easy to apply.
:t: These eyeshadow duo's provide great contour and natural look to the eyes.

The Color

1 Signature Eyeshadow Duo #01 Mocha
2 Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo #05 Pink Dusk
3 Pure Color Eyeshadow #01 Pink Ice #07 Smokey
4 Pure Color Eyeshadow #10 Ivory Box/35 Cinnamon
5 Pure Color Eyeshadow #08 Vintage Lavender #30 Suger Cube

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  1. wow i like the neutral shade.. i love estee lauder products! thanks for sharing the swatches!



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