Review etude house-water proof10 mascara


Review etude house-water proof10 mascara
#1 smoky proof black

ETUDE HOUSE Proof 10 Mascaras perfect water proof

Description :

*Suitable for outdoor summer sports activity
*No smudge with Smoky volume
*Won't fade by sweat or water but remove with ease by make up remover
proof 10's waterproof mascara supplies clean,
intense definition for a long lasting,
perfect 10 smoky eye look.

Direction :
use wand to gather and aply mascara to upper and lower lashes

Available in : Blue or Black

[Etude House]Water Proof 10 Mascara 10g

The wand is deliberately bent at an angle, so depending on the orientation of your hand it makes it easier to do both the upper and lower lashes. At first, it may take some getting used to, but you’ll most likely get it in 3 seconds. When you do, it’s such a convenience and the bent angle does make a lot of sense.

What i like about it :face5:

:t: Cute packaging
:t: Waterproof
:t: Legit black! ^.^
:t: Great brush
:t: Gives FULL volume & length within 3 applications
:t: Does not flake off over time & keeps the curl of your lashes
:t: The cap has a fairytale or storybook-like design. It looks like princess

Proof 10′s mascara formula is a defining, clump-free mascara. It is not meant to give heavy volume but it does lengthen, thicken and define your lashes after 2 to 3 coats. It’s a simple formula and what’s wonderful over here is because of the bent wand you are somehow able to shape and draw out your lashes even without the use of an eyelash curler.

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4 ♥comments

  1. i never tried etude house mascara, i heard many bad review about it, tpi ini bgus ya? :D

  2. great review~i would like to try this product~but its kinda hard to find here~

  3. nice review! def worth trying for a waterproof mascara :)

  4. im in love with the proof 10 eyeliner ^^ ty for sharing.

    ♥ miss marshmello


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