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Review Etude House Proof10 Liquid Liner

Etude House – Proof 10 Liquid Liner (#1 Proof Black) 1 pc
Waterproof and long wearing liquid eyeliner deftly lines eyes in a highly pigmented, deep black shade. Fine tipped and tapered applicator brush lines eyes with precision, creating dramatic and well-defined eyes with a few quick swipes. Smudge resistant formula prevents the appearance of unsightly raccoon eyes. A staple for every makeup collection.

Available in: #1 Black, #2 Blue

Description :90: :
Proof 10 waterproof eyeliner supplies clean, intense definition for a long lasting Perfect 10 look.Use brush to gather and apply makeup by tracing along upper and lower lashline.
Perfect 10 smoky eye look

What I like :9::

:t: Waterproof and smudgeproof.
:t: It dries easily in a rubbery finish.
:t: The long handle makes it easy for me to apply.
:t: Easily removed by a cream makeup remover.
:t: The thin brush gives more control in tracing a line.
:t: Affordable and locally available.

Direction :47::
Use brush to gather and apply make up by tracing along upper and lower eyelines

The Proof 10 Liquid Eyeliner by Etude House, I don't know why I bought this,
I was blinded by the shiny-ness, thinking that this was a new product but when I opened it I realised it was not. I can't read Korean,
but I think it claims that it lasts for 24 hours.The colour is very intense looking.
I like this eyeliner. I have to admit that the tip isn't the finest around which makes application a little messy should you not know how to handle liquid liners but I have to say, its extremely waterproof and budgeproof that my Mandom Cleansing Express Lotion could not remove it.
I had to use the Mandom Cleansing Express Eye Make-up Remover to remove the liner thoroughly.

I suppose, using this as a base for eyeshadows will make it really crease/fade proof but do bear in mind to use a really good waterproof makeup remover!

My Etude Proof10 Liquid Liner

Etude House - Proof 10 Liquid Liner (#1 Proof Black) 1 pc


  1. ohh looks really nice :) I love etude housee

  2. aku juga punya inii, heehe cuman kurang waterproof yah, agak nyesel beli ini :( n mnrutku ini keringnya termasuk lama loh o,o
    tpi mayan lah, heheh :D

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