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Review Etude House Proof10 Auto Pencil Eyeliner

Proof 10 Jewelry Auto Pencil would make the eyes resemble jewels with its brilliant and refreshing colors, which defines the eye shape and makes it more pronounced with its shine.

The eye liner spreads smoothly with its cream-like texture; its strong, thin silicon protection prevents it from getting smudged, and makes it possible to wear everyday without worrying about smearing.

Etude House Proof10 eyeliners are automatic and comes with its own sharpener at the end of the pencil. The blue one is from the jewelry line which means it has shimmers in it while the black one is from their regular line and is just matte.

the eyeliner which i will be reviewing here, fits ALL the needed qualities i needed in an eyeliner!

the etude house auto pencil, although it's called a pencil,
the eyeliner itself have the smoothness of a crayon eyeliner but in the form of pencil. this makes me so in love with it cos the usage is so easy!
i will just have to twist the bottom to 'show' the eyeliner up. no need for any sharpener!

anyway, at the bottom of the eyeliner, there's also a hidden sharpener!
it's actually for user to sharpen the eyeliner to a more pointed shape!
especially useful for those who prefer to draw a precise line on eyelid!

2nd thing i love about this eyeliner is the easy application!
the eyeliner glides on my eyelid SO smoothly and easily,
because normally, pencil/crayon eyeliner do not allow me to draw one precise line on the lid.
i will have to draw one small line, followed by another small line, in order to draw one whole line.

Proof 10 Auto Pencil No.1 Proof Black
Proof 10 Auto Pencil No.2 Proof Navy

Proof 10 Auto Pencil No.3 Proof Brown
Proof 10 Auto Pencil No.4 Proof Gray

Proof 10 Auto Pencil No.5 Proof Purple
Proof 10 Auto Pencil No.6 Khaki

Description :90: :
Proof 10 water proof eye pencil supplies clean intense definition for a long lasting,
perfect 10 smoky eye look.

What I like about this product :face68: :

:t: No need to frequently sharpen unlike with regular pencil liners.
:t: Very easy to use and apply because you can control it easily
:t: The liner itself is soft so it doesn't tag and scratch your delicate skin.
:t: Comes with its own sharpener.
:t: The color it produce is the same as it is in the cap.
:t: waterproof quality of this product
:t: smudge proof quality of this product

TIPS :47: :

I hope this review helps. Do check out Etude House. This brand really offers good quality products at an affordable price. Plus, the store is so cute and especially the packaging of the products. You'll really feel like a princess

How to use :
open the cap and twist to show the eyeliner. draw eyeliner on eyelid


  1. oh wow! love the liner! and your eye meiku <3

  2. wah lucu ada serutan ngumpettt, wkwwkkw XD

  3. iaa aku juga baru tau gara2 cari info buat review ini haha
    langsung aku coba uda itu >__<

  4. the eyeliner looks great on you ! ^__^

  5. you look cute with eyeliner on :D and i just noticed your cursor, with the sparkling bow ahah so adorable! :3

    kisses and hugs * Sofia

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