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εїз Hello Kitty desktop PC & Printer εїз

"Japan has its good share of Hello Kitty-branded computers.
So it’s only fair that it’s not Japan but Korea
that gets a special version of the MiNEW A10,
most probably the cutest Hello Kitty computer out there.
It’s made by Korean PC maker Moneual,"
Girls´ stuff!

Hello Kitty is always be a trend
for the kids and ladies.
After several products using Hello Kitty character like
and now Canon release Hello Kitty
SELPHY CP770 portable printer.
The printer featuring 2.5 inch angles color TFT LCD,
auto image correction function, auto red-eye correction
and wireless printing via IrDA. The Canon Selphy
also compatible with most of memory card which
available on the market. It will be available
on the 1st November 008. Stay tunes girls!

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