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❁ Cafe HelloKitty ❁

hello Kitty Cafe, Seoul, Korea Rep.

WOW ><

Hello Kitty Cake

Somay Hello Kitty in Cafe Hello Kitty Karawaci

Hello Kitty memorabilia is mixed with bows,
chandeliers, and plush armchairs and benches to
provide the most intense saturation of pink and
pretty that you’ve likely ever laid eyes on.

The motif doesn’t let up an inch,
windows in cut-out shapes of the famous kitty give
views between one room to the next, mirrors in the
bathroom also feature the Hello Kitty silhouette.
Even lamps, chairs, and toilets in the café are
unable to escape the pink and bow treatment.

Lattes come with the famous feline face stenciled in
cinnamon or chocolate and desserts just as pretty as
the cat herself are available for those with a sweet tooth.

Hello Kitty neck pillows also abound in
order for guests to get their maximum
pretty pamper treatment on.

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