✿ Dolfie Dream Doll ✿


Yuhuuu~ ni bagi pencinta cosplay
ni g mau berbagi sedikit chara imut and lucu
mirip2 dream of doll gtu deh
tpi ni nama nya dolfie dream doll
buat info lebih lanjud g juga kurang tau yah..

About Yuri Date

About Dollfie Dream “Marya”

  • Eyes: Animetic Eyes, Lost Angels Marya Original Design, Metallic 22mm
  • Wigs: Marya Original Style, DD size
  • Included items: Doll, Wig, High Heels, Bodysuit, Long Cape, Corset, Long Skirt, Choker, Arm Warmers, Panties, Stockings

About Harajuku Sumika Angel “Kira”.

Character Profile

Harajuku Sumika Angel “Kira”

  • Detail: 25 cm Finished Product
  • Release: 2008 Valentine Fair Limited Models

About Evil Deity Girl “Ithaqua”

Her name is Ithaqua --- Ithaqua of the ice and snow.
This self-styled 'calm' girl makes a pretense at being calm, 
but she's actually pretty quick to fly off the handle.

Fukuyama Showroom Angel “Lady Rose”

“Hohohoho! My regards. I, Lady Rose, 
will prepare and offer up this delicious cuisine, just for you!!”

About Evil Deity Girl “Hastur”

Her name is Hastur --- Hastur of the wind.
This somewhat determined girl is always doing nothing 
but teasing the slow-witted Cthulhu. And yet when Cthulhu bursts into tears, 
she gets all flustered and starts crying as well. 
That's the kind of girl she is.
This defiant girl is actually the incredibly lonely type.

About Yokohama Showroom Angel “Reika”

Shizuoka Showroom Angel “Shizuka”

“It's a pleasure to meet you. 
I am Showroom Angel Shizuka. 
I was appointed to protect this city of Shizuoka
by celestial Lost Angel Akari.

About Sanjie

See our superb work for all the Lost Angel story lovers!


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