▓ About Kim Jaejoong ▓


♪ He likes to look at mirror so do not by any chance take away his mirror!

♪ When he gets very excited he will start to speak in 'native' slang.

♪ He don't know how to use his eyes to 'electrocute' girls so don't ask him to do that.

♪ He hate it when people say he is pretty, he want people to regards him as handsome/cool, not pretty as pretty is for girls.

♪ He likes unique under garment. (that's why fans give him t- back!)

♪ He looks very cool but actually deep down inside he is warm hearted so don't hurt his feeling!

♪ Once during a Coca-cola drinking competition he fainted after drinking Coca-cola so now he has a phobia against Coca-cola!
♪ He has to wear eye mask when sleeping.

♪ He has a slim and fragile waist, so do not hug him cos it'll break!

♪ He likes cooking very much so he likes fans to give him
recipe book from various countries as a gift.
But don't ask him to cook with you, he don't like to cook together with other people.

♪ Has 11 piercings (4 in the left ear, 5 in the right ear, 1 in his belly, 1 in his left ######).

♪ Has tattoos in both his back
(first it was only TVfXQ Soul and now there's more addition
of The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor;
A song will outlive sermons in the memory; Hope to the end),
and his chest (Always Keep the Faith)

♪ Likes eating spicy food. In fact, he ate world’s most spiciest peppers with ease and thinks that Naga Jolokia pepper, with a Scoville (scale of hotness) rating of 1,041,365 would taste good in a dish. Fellow TVXQ! members complain that Jaejoong, who is the group’s best, and only cook, always prepares food to his taste and not theirs.

♪ Enjoys cooking in his spare time.

♪ Can text message really quickly and accurately,
and likes to use many emoticons in his messages.

♪ Calls himself the “expert” at Rock, Paper, Scissors.

♪ Has broad shoulders in contrast with his thin waist line.

♪ He likes girls who has pretty hands and feet.

♪ Believes he will marry a fan, wants 2 daughters and 1 son.

♪ Doesn’t really like his own voice because he thinks it sounds “awkward”.

♪ First kiss in the 6th grade (it was a cheek kiss).

♪ Hates girls who are very self centered and full of themselves.

♪ Childhood dream was to be a grocery store owner,
so that he could eat all the cookies.

♪ Broke his leg during “Rising Sun” promotions,
rendering him unable to dance or perform with
the members for a couple of months.

♪ Has a habit of sometimes sticking his tongue out
after singing his part on stage performances.

♪ Able to move each of his shoulder blades separately.

♪ Able to inflate his stomach to 36 inches.

♪ Colored his hair blonde for the first time in late 2006
because Xiah Junsu told him you should try it and see how it looks.

♪ Shares a work-room with Micky Yoochun

♪ Enjoys eating cereal (with milk) whenever he wants (usually during dinner).

♪ Feels that Japanese Curry mixes really well with rice.

♪ Does not make very good “First Impressions”

♪ Wants to be the Hero in the entertainment industry so stage name is Hero Jaejoong.

♪ Doesn’t like to do dishes.

♪ Talkative.

♪ Left home to pursue dream of becoming a singer.

♪ Was part of a band before entering SM.


Jaejoong has caught himself a couple of accidents,
the most famous one happened in September 2005,
when he hurt his knee while the band were rehearsing
the dance steps of Rising Sun.
He was brought to the hospital and has to
undergo a surgery in the same day.
Because of this, he wasn't able to take part in some
of the dance parts of the songs and concert. On November 21st, 2005,
a man claimed that he was Jaejoong's biological father.
A DNA test was to be performed and this case was almost
be brought to the court, but on the next day,
the man dropped the charges that was claimed to Jaejoong's
legal guardians, saying that all he wanted was to solve
Jaejoong's military duty conflicts and not to take any advantage from his fame.
Regarding this, Jaejoong published a public journal saying
that he was informed of the existence of separate biological parents
by his mother two or three years ago, and it had been quite a shock to him.
But everything was settled and Jaejoong promised
to be loyal to all his four parents, aside from expressing
his decision of to live by the name Kim Jaejoong instead of his birth name Han Jaejoon.
He also mentioned that he didn't want his family's
history to be published because of this matter.
He was also arrested for DUI (Driving Under Influence)
around April 2006, and has his license taken away for 100 days
and get a suspension from TVXQ! activities.
He was almost be replaced, if only Cassiopeia didn't push SME
to keep him in the band. After some time,
Jaejoong apologized to the fans for his irresponsible act.

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